Red Dawn Remake Goes Bourne


There were a couple of additional casting announcements earlier this week for MGM’s Red Dawn remake — a project that I really couldn’t care less about. Joining Chris Hemsworth are Josh Peck (The Wackness) and Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights), who will be playing the same roles played by Charlie Sheen and Jennifer Grey in the original. What I found somewhat interesting, however, was the director that they had chosen for the project: Dan Bradley, second unit director for the last two Bourne movies. He is also the same stunt co-ordinator that was brought on board Quantum of Solace in order to give James Bond a Bourne-style makeover.

Clearly they’re hoping to make this a gritty, realistic action movie, which is about the last thing I can see Red Dawn becoming. After all, it’s about a group of teenagers defending their town from Soviet troops. At any rate, the Bourne makeover is pretty much complete now that screenwriter Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton, The Bourne Ultimatum) has reportedly been hired to rewrite the script! According to Latino Review, the Oscar-nominated scribe will try and bring some complexity to the original draft written by Carl Ellsworth (Disturbia, Red Eye) and Jeremy Passmore (Special). Suddenly I’m a little more interested. What do you think, can Gilroy turn this ’80s remake into something brilliant or is it a lost cause?

  • paulm

    I hope the Russians catch them all, and execute them at the Drive-In. The only thing that could make me see this is a Harry Dean Stanton cameo, maybe…

  • ProjectGenesis

    I’m excited about Gilroy’s involvement as a writer but visually I hate the direction their going. I put Supremacy and Ultimatum right up there with Armageddon as far as too many cuts in a movie.

  • “a project that I really couldn’t care less about”


  • Derek

    Lost cause.

  • Ian

    I can see this being an interesting take. Not only go handheld mockumentary style with the fights but with the whole thing. Keep it very fast and loose and try to play it straight live in the chaos of an invasion. That sounds more promising then a remake that would attempt to wink at the camera and fail.

  • Howie B Demented

    Come on people the 80’s cheese is awesome for remakes while Hollywood sits around waiting for the next flavor of the week to clone. Red Dawn was one of the better cheez flix to come out with no real budget. Let them throw a few million out there with (Hopefully) some good CG and see what they can do, remember Transformers The Hulk or the one secret love you keep tucked behind your other DVDs–ya you know what I mean, everyone has their “Lady of the 80’s”. Personally I can’t wait. It’s like seeing an old friend from high school, maybe they turned out great or maybe they are still the same dick you remember, lets wait and see. C ya at the movies

  • Charlie

    Avenge me boys! AVENGE ME!

  • Mathan

    I think having Gilroy is great. I hope that the invaders are still the Chinese and Russians.

  • Tim

    This film will be good.

  • has updated locations and set pictures from Red Dawn 2

  • Dan Carpenter

    I just want them out of my neighborhood, it rather inconvenient :-)