Weird Web Wednesdays: The Kids Get Theirs.

It’s that time again! This week’s Weird Web Wednesday © is dedicated to all of those people out there who have put up with whining, screaming, crying children ruining dining experiences and disrupting movie theatres the world over. That’s right; it’s time that the kids get theirs. We’ve got some falling, head hitting and christmas prank goodness! Also, in honour of Father’s Day, we’ve got some wonderful video’s of someone’s Dad’s homemade music videos. We may not shower him with praise, nor mention his name in song. And sometimes it seems that we forget the joy he spreads as he goes along. But it doesn’t mean that we don’t know the wonderful role that he has had. And away down deep in every heart there’s a place that is just for…Weird Web Wednesdays©, only on Film Junk®!!!

Xbox Xmas Prank

Kid Smashes Face Against Playhouse

Fat Kid Dancing

Jurassic Park: HEY!!!

Worst Parents Ever

Funny Zach Galfianakis Interview

The Christian

The Saint

The Charge

Glory Day

  • RJ

    Those parents have to be pretty F-d up to ruin their kid’s xmas like that.

  • mrbenning

    Whatever you do, folks, don’t click on the last video.

  • Fatbologna

    Damn, Jay! How come you didn’t include the best videos by the last dude? Rape Victom?! Ultimate Whore?!! CLASSICS!

    The guy’s like Lou Reed but still relevant!

  • Wow, that guy goes from christian songs to songs about gay blowjobs like it’s nothing.

  • Bas

    Great, Jay. Thanks for the weirdness.