Sean Penn Drops Out of The Three Stooges, Takes a Year Off


Bad news Stooges fans… looks like Sean Penn has decided to pull out of The Three Stooges project and take a full year away from Hollywood. He has also dropped out of the other movie he had lined up, a gritty action thriller called Cartel. Penn has cited personal reasons for the sudden leave of absence, and a desire to focus on his family.

While Cartel will likely move ahead without him, the Farrelly Brothers are left in a bit of a quandary surrounding the Three Stooges. The project has taken years to get off the ground, and a big part of the reason why it was greenlit was the A-list talent that they had managed to land for the starring roles. Do you think they should find another Larry, or was Sean Penn a big part of this film’s potential? Unfortunately, if they wait too long, their window of opportunity could be lost. I have to admit, without Penn on board, it suddenly seems like just another Jim Carrey vehicle, which I’m not all that interested in personally. Thoughts?

  • Jackson

    I agree that without Sean Penn this movie loses appeal. I mean we haven’t seen him do that many comedic roles in his career (Fast Times, Sweet and Low Down)and this would have been a treat I’m sure. Also for the fact that I trust Sean Penn way more than I trust Jim Carey so him picking this role lands a certain degree of guarantee of it actually being good. Now it’s just going to be Carey being an over actor if they don’t do something quickly like get Robert Downey Jr.

  • I also agree that without Sean Penn this movie will head south fast. I’m sure they will toss in some of the usual suspects that Jackson mentioned, but the film just will not be the same.

  • alan mighell

    I LIKE TO SEE PLAY THE PART OF LARRY FINE is David Paymer or billy west