Neil Marshall in Talks to Direct Predators?


Well, I just got a whole lot more interested in this Predators sequel/reboot/whatever the heck it is. When we heard yesterday’s announcement that Marcus Nispel would be taking on Conan, I was a little disappointed that Neil Marshall didn’t get the gig, since he had been on the short list of names that were previously being considered. Fortunately, it looks like Marshall is already deep in negotiations for another project that is even more well-suited to his abilities.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Marshall is closing in on a deal to direct the Robert Rodriguez-produced Predators! 20th Century Fox seems to be moving forward pretty quickly with this project, and although I have had my doubts up to this point, the involvement of the same guy who directed Dog Soldiers, The Descent and Doomsday should be a match made in heaven (or hell, depending on your point of view). I know some people didn’t like Doomsday all that much, but I think a lot of the detractors just didn’t quite grasp what Marshall was going for. In my opinion he’s one of the few directors out there who can do Predators justice. Let’s just hope this actually gets finalized relatively soon. Are you excited about Neil Marshall possibly directing Predators?

  • Tomas

    We’re not talking about the franchise Predator are we? Because if so, it would be cool to learn about these aliens.

  • Rus in Chicago

    Doomsday SUCKED you know my take Robert ; this is not good news. They will have to stop shooting at some point from a flood of CHEESE!!!!

  • fatbologna


    Uhhh… are you saying that the first 2 PREDATOR films weren’t deliciously cheesy? Marshall seems to be steeped in the 80’s/90’s cheesy action mentality that perfectly suits this type of film. ALIEN films are another story as they work best in a serious context, but PREDATORS should be straight full-blown testosterone-filled violence.


    DOOMSDAY was a near-perfect homage to the Carpenter/George Miller/Sam Raimi(AOD era)/James Cameron style of gory action cinema and that’s exactly what we need from this.

  • Bob The Slob

    right on Fatbologna.

    Rus, you’re an elitest that isn’t in on the joke, but acts like he gets the joke and then tries to show how outside-the-box he is by saying “the joke” is stupid.

    Sean is right, Marshall’s detractors dont get him, or they just dont like his type of films.

    Rus, do you like any of the directors that fatbologna mentions above?