Stephen Sommers Fired After G.I. Joe Gets Lowest Test Screening Score Ever?


There’s a nasty rumour going around this week about G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra that, if true, would seem to confirm all of our fears about this movie being a downright disaster. Word on the street is that director Stephen Sommers was fired from the project and locked out of the editing room after the movie received the lowest test score ever in the history of Paramount’s test screenings! Renowned editor Stuart Baird was called in to help salvage the project, while Sommers claimed to be off doing pre-production on the new Tarzan movie in order to save face.

According to Latino Review, this information comes from an anonymous poster on Don Murphy’s message boards (the producer of Transformers), so it is far from being 100% confirmed. Still, the story certainly sounds believable, and there are apparently more sources starting to come out of the woodwork to support it. The unfortunate thing is that even if it’s not true, people will be only too eager to believe it — and this is not the kind of negative buzz the movie needs right now. Especially after the most recent trailer had finally started to change some people’s minds about this project. What do you think… does G.I. Joe have any chance in hell of being a decent film? Do you believe this story or does it reek of a fanboy hatchet job?

Update: As expected, the story has been officially denied… is that the same as debunked? I guess. Latino Review has a follow-up interview with Lorenzo di Bonaventura where he says Stephen Sommers did a “really good job” and that the movie “tested very well”.

  • Considering the fact that this movie looks to take none of its inspiration or direction from the source material (save for the outfits of Baroness, Snake Eyes, and maybe Storm Shadow) I cannot help but feel this should have just been called something else. Writer Warren Ellis did a great job with the recent mini-movie G.I. Joe: Resolute and the visual style paid homage to the source material without feeling hokey or outdated.

  • I would have thought that Stuart Baird’s reputation was damaged by Star Trek: Nemesis, but apparently not. For what it’s worth, I thought the G.I. Joe trailer I saw before Star Trek was decent.

  • Stormy

    It’s another classic example of Hollywood thinking. It’s not good enough to stick to the source material, we’ve got to dress it up and add all kinds of extra stuff, more technology, bigger explosions, etc. As soon as I saw the Joes running around in exoskeletons, I knew this movie was doomed.

  • Captain N

    If people loved The Transformers movie, then no matter how bad this is, they’ll likely enjoy this.

  • Judging from the picture above this looks like another “Street Fighter” – God help us all.

    crap. crap. crap. crap. crap. crap. crap. crap. crap.

  • Jackson

    Dennis Quaid is the new Kevin Costner. Every film he is involved in total shit. He curses films to fail they need to end his career so he doesn’t train wreck anything else.

  • Matt

    Captain N is dead on. You guys underestimate the public’s ability to get duped into thinking that explosions make a good movie.

  • I agree that there shouldn’t be much of a difference in the mind of the general public, but for some reason the buzz around G.I. Joe is very different from Transformers.

    Maybe because it’s not just about giant robots, and people realize the acting is going to bring this movie down? I don’t really get it.

  • I’m a huge G.I. Joe fan and there’s not a lot of thinking this will turn out well. As geeky as this sounds, I’m worried the movie will kill the toy line that had come become really successful over the last couple of years.

  • Looks more like the Abercrombie & Fitch Brigade.

  • Rusty James

    @ for some reason the buzz around G.I. Joe is very different from Transformers.

    I’ve always suspected that Transformers benefited from the percieved disappointment in the Summer roster that year.
    I just don’t believe that many more people couldn’t get over the flaws of Spider-Man 3 or Terminator Salvation but loved Transformers.

  • Captain N

    I really didnt know there was any buzz on this film yet. I guess there is trailers for it. I dont know. I just dont plan on seeing it and dont really read up on it. Though I do enjoy reading the behind the scene’s rumblings.

  • MJS

    Between this and Speed Racer I hope the trend of adapting saturday morning cartoons is finally nipped in the bud.

  • Captain N

    Except Speed Racer turned out pretty good ;)

    I also dont remember any production problems of this size becoming known to the public.

  • Like Shut-Up Ed…I see Street Fighter. Quaid is rocking the Damme-Guile outfit.

    “Dennis Quaid is the new Kevin Costner. Every film he is involved in total shit.”

    Smart People was good!

  • Peter

    The reason Lorenzo di Bonaventura said that is because he no doubt got well paid for shooting the behind the scenes footage for the inevitable ‘making of’ documentary for the DVD release and in doing so will say anything to limit the damage to DVD sales. The trailer still makes the movie look juvenile, braindead and almost unwatchable.

  • swarez

    “Considering the fact that this movie looks to take none of its inspiration or direction from the source material”

    If the filmmakers had stuck to the source material then the film would be even more shitty than it probably is. The material is bullshit and they need to pump it up so people will take it seriously.
    The characters are stupid and the story is always the same.

  • Blasphemer!

  • Fact Checker

    I can’t believe so many sites are publishing rumors instead of fact checking them. This is completely false and granted I do love the internet and hate newspapers, there has to be something said for the old days when ‘professionals’ would actually make sure something was true before they blasted it out to millions.

  • harvman

    The thing I can’t believe is that people think that a movie based on GI Joe should win an oscar. The trailers make it look like the comic….explosions, guns, and people doing things no regular humam could. I will definately see it at the theatre and enojy it for what it is……hot girls in tight clothing, ninjas, and huge explosions.

  • I4N

    Thank you, Harvman. That’s truly a great attitude to have.
    Fanboys – Hollywood movies will never meet your expectations.
    Critics – Shut up.
    Everyone else – Try your best not to be corrupted by everyones verbal bull5hit, and formulate an opinion of your own.
    Thanks for listening =]

  • oscar martinez

    me encanta G.I.JOE the rise of cobra!!!!!!

  • T bradford

    I am a huge fan of G.I. Joe. The movie robbed me of my childhood and disgraced men and women of the armed forces. G.I. Joe is a american hero not N.A.T.O. Tell hollywood to put down there liberal Kool aid and stay with the core basics. Did Nancy Pelosi direct the movie? Is your next film going to be about Barbi the great american lesbian.