Marcus Nispel to Direct Conan Reboot


Last month there was a lot of speculation about who might direct the upcoming Conan The Barbarian remake/reboot for Lionsgate and Millennium Films, with V For Vendetta director James McTeigue seeming to be the most likely. At that point, a short list of 4 or 5 possible contenders surfaced, and now it looks like one of those contenders has stepped forward and signed on the dotted line: Marcus Nispel.

That’s right, according to CHUD, it’s a done deal, and a casting announcement for the lead role may soon follow. So now that Brett Ratner is long gone you can breathe a sigh of relief, but ask yourself: is Nispel really that much better? I didn’t mind his take on Friday the 13th, but I’m guessing it was Pathfinder that ultimately won him the job. I haven’t heard very many positive things about that flick, although I have to admit, when I first saw the trailer I did think it looked pretty awesome. What do you think, did they get the right man for the job?

Update: This has now been confirmed by Variety.

  • Pathfinder’s plot and character development, as one might expect, was a steaming pile of donkey crap. But the costuming was pretty neat and the sword fighting action wasn’t too awful.

    Good luck finding someone to fill Ahhhnolds loincloth though…

    I’m sure this will be pretty terrible.

  • Captain N

    Look at that beard.

  • jimmy

    NO!!! Pathfinder is absolutely atrocious, as is most of the rest of his work

  • Nemesis

    Conan without Arnie – Epic Fail!!!

  • fatbologna

    This makes me want to FUCKING WEEP! I don’t need Arnie to make this good (although old Arnie in a KING CONAN film would be Epically yummers), I just need a director who can bring the necessary depth that the character needs. The new SOLOMON KANE flick seems to do that on a very small budget from early reviews I’ve read. I’d rather have a small-scale intimate Conan film that understands the character than a big-budget, flashy POS.

    I really hope they choose to adapt a Robert E. Howard story or even one of the Roy Thomas stories rather than doing a whole re-telling of his origin and shit. I want BELIT and Conan as a Swashbuckling pirate who shows true world-weary intelligence through out-thinking AND out-fighting his opponents. Not just a meathead. I don’t see Nispel doing anything more than an overproduced slashfest with a big retard in the role. This character needs restraint and true storytelling ability to not come off Cheesy. Nispel is just NOT a storyteller. He’s an advertising man in director’s clothing…boo-erns on this development.

    oh well, didn’t have much hope to begin with…

  • Kyriacos

    Pathfinder movie… sucked biig biiig biiiiiiig time.. No story No real characters NO FUCKING SENSE AT ALL

    and most of all NO real ACTION Scenes just Crappy blood splattern close ups that were really boring..

    …So.. what we have…? no ARNOLD and a crappy crappy director…? …don’t expect much..

  • Paul Andrews

    “Pathfinder movie… sucked biig biiig biiiiiiig time.. No story No real characters NO FUCKING SENSE AT ALL”

    That’s exactly right. Trailer was good, as was the poster, but the film was plain awful.

  • ralf

    Marcus is great director and Conan will be his blockbuster..Arnold is out of game and only man who can play mighty Cimerian is unknown actor from Europe,Serbia small country on Balkan..Drasko Andjic is his name,go to Youtube and watch his 2 videos!

  • Victor

    I watch on Youtube!He look avesome,he is hardihood and very well built,I wish him all happiness in Hollywood,DRASKO for CONAN!