First Photo of Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2


Ladies and gentlemen, we have been given our first look at Mickey Rourke as the villain Whiplash in Iron Man 2, courtesy of the folks over at I’ve been pretty curious to see how Rourke would fit into the film ever since his casting was confirmed. As a fan who knows nothing about Whiplash, all I can say is… what a weird image! It looks like he’s in a gladiator battle in the middle of a demolition derby (not that that’s a bad thing).

From what I understand, this version of Whiplash borrows elements from The Crimson Dynamo since he is Russian, but he definitely has two cybernetic whips attached to his arms there. Iron Man fans, share with us your knowledge! Is this picture what you were expecting? How do you feel about this first, very early glimpse of Iron Man 2?

  • I am a HUGE comic book fan, and despite my initial “wtf!” I am somewhat stoked.

    Whiplash is a pretty odd choice for a main villain. He was pretty “gimicky” in the comics. Like the smattering of good-guys and villains who rely on the trusty bow-and-arrow, a guy with whips should probably be laughed at, not feared by legitimate superheroes.

    Nonetheless, I am intrigued. Rourke “looks” pretty bad ass, and despite the fact that Whiplash is a pretty “gimmicky” character, those gimmicks can probably be portrayed pretty well with a (hopefully) restrained amount of CGI.

    I only hesitate because they are going to need to explain why Iron Man simply couldn’t fly 100 feet or so away from they guy and unleash hell with missiles, repulser rays, and whatever else he has crammed into his suit…

  • sorry for all the “air quotes”

  • Ian

    Hmmm I’m not sure about this. Still if Genndy Tartakovsky is storyboarding the action sequences then I’m there for Iron Man 2.

  • Matt Keith

    Looks pretty cool to me.

  • everyone remember the reaction to those first photos of early ironman…it will be fine

  • Trent

    He looks bad ass lol. Really cool looking

  • this looks cool … but i can’t help but share my skepticism that his character seems like another evil clone of iron man, which i agree (with jay) is pretty lame.

  • Tomas

    Rourke can turn gimmicky into cool…Either way, I can’t wait to see this.

  • mrbenning

    Looks cool to me. I also like that they released a shot that appears to be from a scene, and not just a still of the actor in makeup/costume. Gives us a little more to speculate on.

  • Mason

    What a broken down piece of meat!

  • modesilver

    If it was some other actor I would have been a little more doubtful. But since its Rouke I think he can make it look cool. I’m still kinda iffy about the picture though.

  • Not bad, looks like a tough guy and he really fits the description of a bad guy! It seems like that all Mickey Rourke plays these days is bad guy! Oh well at least he looks like one :)

  • Ash

    Does it look like he has the same center piece that powers Iron Man?