Weird Web Wednesdays: When I See You Smile

PLEASE LISTEN. If you watch one thing this week, make it the above video. You don’t even understand the power it holds. Let’s set this thing up; here’s the YouTube info:

“Love Story” Genuine real life love story of one man’s journey through time as he gives his all for one chance at a dream. Entirely filmed, produced, and directed by the man you see and him alone over the course of nine months.

I believe the person I made this video for is living somewhere with her family and I truly hope they are all happy and doing well. I made this video to present on youtube because it was the only way I felt I could reach out to her to let her know how I still feel.

Everyone should fully respect her privacy and wishes because I don’t know how she views me now after all this time. We were together for two years and I don’t know why for certain she was gone. I sincerely only want her to be happy even if that means me being out of her life. She is an awesome person who deserves the very best and I just hope she is able to see this.

Best use of Saving Private Ryan music ever. I know it’s long, but if you absolutely must, skip ahead to about the 6:30 mark and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Thanks to Chian for the heads up on this one. A definite inspiration. More killer vids after the jump.

Crazy Bruce’s Liquors

Stevie Wonder Drum Solo

Brawl on Turkish Talk Show

Office Clerk Drinks Too Much at Lunch

Highway Patrol Gets in Fight With EMT

Monkey Sex on Hood of Car

Passionate Man Tazed, Escapes

Huzur Ve Irfan

  • Peter

    After watching this cheese extravaganza I could’t decide who he was more in love with – his ex or himself. What a twat.

  • Ian

    Wow. He should have used lighter fluid to spell out her name so it’d work for the whole piece. Seems he already sprung for the chopter in some of those shots. Oh well half measures will not do.

  • Indiana Jone’s Brother

    Loren…I…wasted…9 months….instead of…. just…getting a new…..GIIIRLLLFRIIIEEEENDDDDDDDDDD…..

    …aaaaaand, end scene.

  • Goon

    The balance of narcissism with sentimental longing is astounding. Thank you internet.

  • Sweet. I heeded to climb out of that earnestly-faux-earnest sink hole afterwards.

    Nice Calves dude.

  • she needs to come back because muscle boy has broken all his farm animals

  • Bunyip

    So in that last video, is that …. Jay?

  • As soon as “Love Story” started with the familiar strain of music from Star Trek: First Contact, I was in the palm of that guy’s hand. Wait, that came out wrong.

  • Neil M

    Hats off Reed. That was good.

  • “As soon as “Love Story” started with the familiar strain of music from Star Trek: First Contact, I was in the palm of that guy’s hand. ”

    ‘Grats, Reed, that was an epic roll. I expect nothing less from you at this point.

  • Of course I immedeatly latched unto this guy, for having great taste in music, just as Reed. Thankfully he severed the connection afterwards, and I could laugh at him. He reminded me of the guy in Faster Pussycat :).

  • Can somebody post a youtube link to where I can hear that part of the Saving Private Ryan score? I can’t find it.

  • I thought the first song in the love story video was from Saving Private Ryan, but according to Reed, it’s apparently from First Contact. Same difference.

  • It is from First Contact. Best Star Trek theme out of all the movies.

    What is the music playing in the middle though?? Does anyone know? It actually does sound a little like the Saving Private Ryan music I was able to find. I want to know what it is!

  • Youtube comment quote:

    “3. heres where the dout come you made the letter I out of rocks which clearly states ( i rocks) the heart of hay states that ( you love hay) and the u was made out of tiers which states (tired of u) come on dude for real now what,…….”

  • It’s Dragonheart!

    “Hello ahmadclk. That makes me feel so good that I could make your day. (smiles) I filmed much of this video in different locations throughout southern Ohio. That soundtrack is from the movie Dragonheart from one of my favorite composers Randy Edelman. I owe Randy a huge debt of gratitude because that score really gave me the soaring, beautiful, and dramatic sound I wanted for the finale. I hope to be lucky enough to meet him someday so I can thank him and tell him how much I enjoy his music.”

  • Mald

    The music is not from Saving private Ryan its from Dragon: The bruce lee story By Randy Edelman

  • Mald

    The middle portion not the opening I mean