Live Action Heathcliff Movie Coming in 2011


“Heathcliff, Heathcliff, no one should… terrify their neighbourhood…” Man, I used to watch the Heathcliff animated series every day before school, and that theme song was way too catchy. Of course, that’s pretty much the only thing I remember about the show now. At the time, I never thought much about the similarities between Heathcliff and Garfield, but I guess in retrospect one might seem like a bit of a rip off of the other. (Interesting bit of trivia: the Heathcliff comic strip actually came first.) Anyway, after two relatively success live-action Garfield movies (okay, so the second one kind of bombed), I guess it’s only appropriate that Heathcliff should get his shot on the big screen as well.

According to Variety, Magic Lantern Entertainment and FitzRoy Media have come together to produce a “a live-action/CG hybrid” based on the sarcastic cat, targeted for release in 2011. They currently have a deal with Universal to make family-friendly direct-to-DVD features, and it seems a safe bet that’s where this will end up, although they do have the option to “expand it into a theatrical feature if the material warrants”. No word on whether or not any of Heathcliff’s feline friends will join him in the movie. Personally I just can’t wait to see what poor actors sign on to play the humans in this. Any suggestions?

  • Matt Keith

    Do they not remember how “Garfield” turn out.

  • Ian

    Hopefully that means that Riff Raff will follow soon.