Alien 5 May Have a Director… And It’s Not Ridley Scott


For years there has been talk of another Alien movie happening, one that would probably be a prequel. Ridley Scott had even expressed interest in coming back to direct another installment, and Sigourney Weaver said she would do it if the right people were involved. Well now that Fox is set to reboot the Predator franchise with the help of Robert Rodriguez, it seems that they may be getting the ball rolling with Alien 5 again. Here’s the thing though: according to Bloody Disgusting, they may no longer be pursuing a prequel or sequel, but rather a full-blown reboot.

A tipster has informed BD that Ridley Scott will be involved in the project, but as a producer only, along with Michael Costigan (American Gangster, Brokeback Mountain) and Tony Scott. If this rumour is to be believed, it appears that a first-time director will be the one taking the helm instead: a guy by the name of Carl Rinsch. He’s another music video and commercial director with a lot of FX experience (not unlike Neill Blomkamp), who works for Ridley Scott’s production company. /Film managed to dig up a bunch of his commercials, one of which I have embedded below. At this point, I would take this rumour with a grain of salt, but still… is this the right direction for them to take the Alien franchise in? I have a bad feeling about this, and I am guessing I’m not alone.

  • swarez

    It’s the same approach they’ve done with all of the films. Have young visionary directors take the helm. And this dude seems to have visuals in spades.

  • I doubt this will be better than any of the 3 first movies if it ever happens.

  • That’s true, although it kinda depends on if you believe Alien 3 and Resurrection were solid films. I was mainly talking about the reboot direction, which is still somewhat unconfirmed.

  • 1138

    Loved alien and aliens, the rest you can throw in the garbage. I love Fincher and thought Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Director of Delicatessen and City of Lost Children) was going to do a better job, but Alien 3 and 4 were just horrible. If they do an Alien 5, and it is an origin story then that might be a good thing. The whole Ripley storyline was to drawn out. That storyline should have ended with Aliens. In my mind that’s how Ripley’s story came to an end, with Newt and Bishop(Half of him anyway) in the sleep chambers on their way home.

  • Matt Keith

    …And worst of all I have they are giving the alien a fucking origin.

  • Bob The Slob

    my response to this news and news like it from now on…

    “…I’m so very tired steven…” (cue spider crawling across my face)

  • Ian

    It’s Truckasaurous! I hope he’s in Alien V.

  • I wish they would stop beating a dead horse and just let this franchise die already.

    Alien 5: Aliens Rising? The Rise of the Alien? Alien: Evolution?

    No fucking thanks.

  • Laserbeard

    If a prequel/reboot is better than Alien 1-3, I’ll eat my Halcyon Alien Warrior model. Money wise, its a proven franchise, Fox has made dumber decisions in the past cough (Watchmen) cough.

  • Lately I realized I’ve been seeing the same blockbuster franchises my entire life.

  • My Mom goes into labor with me during Temple of Doom and 23 years later I’m seeing Crystal Skulls. I saw T2 in theaters then almost 2 decade later I’m seeing T4…the list goes on.

  • Starting to hate it…

  • NessunDorma

    Because of people like u, there is no ALIEN movie for so long! Instead of beign HAPPY, that there can be another ALIEN movie (doesn`t matter if it is good or great) , (how many stupid movies is shot every month & it is ok for u) so instead of being happy, u r saying that u don`t need it! I love ALIEN and I love even more ALIENS, I like ALIENS (much more that all the rest of the horror movies) and I like ALIEN RESSURECTION (especially the “NEW” human-alien) so I hope they will make NEW alien, I wish they could made one movie like a prequel another one like a sequel and another one like whatever! The more alien movies the better, because soon this saga will come to an end! And we will be watching only movies like NIGHT IN THE MUSEUM or in better case THE HILLS HAVE EYES

  • I hope they tell a story with new characters and new scenarios. I am very over the alpha female thematic that has been milked dry. There are hundreds of stories that could be told by dropping an Alien into the mix, without retelling Ripley’s struggle everytime. I think the Ripley character needs the boot but the Alien is fine as Giger originally designed.

  • JustJeff

    Clearly, we have seen in the AVP movies that without Ripley, the aliens themselves have no relevance and no history of destruction. Ripley is always the source of reference from which our terror of the alien is born. The new movie is undoubtedly going to need Ripley if it intends to be successful.

  • Davian

    GODDAMMIT! These DUMBASSES are going to kill the damn series! This series is so EPIC, you cannot kill it goddammit! GIVE US WHAT WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR, NOT A DAMN PREQUEL, NOT ANOTHER GAY ASS AVP MOVIE! ALIEN 5! For the love of GOD! PLEASE, DO NOT MAKE A RETARDED MOVE FOX! THINK ABOUT THE FANS, NOT THE STUPID GREENBACKS! HELL! I even have an idea for the fifth movie if you see this and are interested email me.

  • G.E.N.

    They should make Alien home planet –showing the ‘bugs’ and what the other lifeforms of that planet look like. sort of like the movie ‘Evolution’.

  • truthminer

    A decent movie is possible. The ship from alien and aliens where the egss were found was not destroyed. Someone needs to close the gap between alien 3 and resurrection.

  • caboose7871

    read John Shirley’s.. Aliens: steel Egg….
    the book is great and makes the origins of the Alien and the giant dead mother in the chair in the firat movie..
    this book would make a great movie… READ IT!!!

  • Facehugger

    Hey caboose7871, in the first movie the thing on the chair was NOT the mother, it was a different species that Alien also attacked. You can see the chestburster exit wound on the creature on the chair.

  • Crystal Snyder

    Look(husbandspeaking)I love the Alien saga as much as any fan. I would do anything just to see Sigourney Weaver exchange glances with the xenomorph bu-t… you can not screw up a movie’s plot and expect the starlette to keep coming back to take a kick in the ass every time someone wants to pick apart one of the movies in the sci-fi genre; Namingly the later ones. And she’s my hero in the biz but would you go through that?

  • I love all of them, but it seems like the first one has the most mystery. Its as if another world seemed to unveil, almost enchanting. Maybe its my overactive imagination. But I think they need to bring that mystery back!

  • quitit

    hey guys i dont think u noticed that there are other movies with cameron and weaver like avatar whhich might be better (it is i watched it)

  • mitchell

    I personally would love to see a pre quill, since i was a kid about 15 i think i was when i watched aliens (2) loved it then had to see the first, so yeah back on track i always wondered where they came from, AVP i hope was not trying to answer the question cos yeah i love the original aliens and thats the only reason i watched both AVP films missing ripley of course , so they were a complete different film using other peoples creations i love and dont look to them as answers about anything before ALIEN (1) where i continue, i always wondered what that giant creature that they found moulded to the seat in the ship they found was and how it had encountered the alien species that poor unfortunate ripley and her crew of kane dalas etc were fooled in to it being a distress beacon when it was actually a warning, so yeah an alien 5 along the lines of a pre quill about where they originated from before any of the ripley films and AVP would be awesome although they would have to miss out having ripley in it who i love and miss in AVP series, its like watching the new terminator films everyone wanted to see arnie in it, they got a CGI copy of him i would be gutted if they done any crap like that with ripley , i also would be gutted if they made it an animated film like they did for the totally freaky game dead space and the final of resident evil , how crap to make the final an animated from a proper human made film pre to the final.So my final words are thumbs up if they could make a pre quill but how they could get Ripley in it a dont know? I hope they can do both and would love to see it FOX please do this even if its just for me one of the biggest alien fans out there ;D

  • mitchell

    “Clearly, we have seen in the AVP movies that without Ripley, the aliens themselves have no relevance and no history of destruction. Ripley is always the source of reference from which our terror of the alien is born. The new movie is undoubtedly going to need Ripley if it intends to be successful.”

    completely agree with this comment

  • mitchell

    to the people complaining about another alien film why are you wasting your time here, if you dont like it go watch some other crap like the twilight saga, instead of moaning about something, if a film i hear about is coming out i couldnt be bothered with or thought would be crap i wouldnt even waste my time writing a comment to complain , you are obviously people with too much time on your hands, boring sad life that look to moan about things rather than leave the people that do enjoy things just to get on with it.

  • Kevin

    I get tired of the studios worrying about whether or not Sigourney Weaver will appear in the alien movies. Who cares she died in the 3rd one. In my opinion she is the reason the 4th one sucked. The movie doesn’t need her in it. The real main character is the alien everyone else is just there to be eaten.