Werner Herzog’s Bad Lieutenant Remake Trailer Starring Nicolas Cage


I’m still not quite sure what to make of this, but apparently it is our first look at what was originally supposed to be a remake of Abel Ferrara’s Bad Lieutenant. However, it now seems to be morphing into something else entirely and looks nothing like the original film… which kind of makes sense because director Werner Herzog claims he hasn’t even seen the original. Herzog calls it “a completely independent autonomous story”, and the new title, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans seems to confirm that. So why even include the name Bad Lieutenant in there at all? I don’t get it.

At any rate, Nicolas Cage appears to be in rare form here, playing a crooked cop who is addicted to drugs and accepting sexual favours as bribes. I can see why people think he’s a bit over the top in the role, but this is the kind of quirky Nicolas Cage I enjoy seeing on screen. Yes it is funny, but in a surreal sort of way, I think it actually works. The movie also stars Eva Mendes, Val Kilmer, Xzibit, Jennifer Coolidge, and Brad Dourif among others. A lot of people are probably going to be quick to write this one off, but I think we can rest assured that Werner Herzog couldn’t care less what anyone thinks. Speaking about Cage’s performance, he is quoted as saying, “You will see something extraordinary when you see him on screen. It’s the best he’s ever done.” So there. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans is expected to be released sometime in late 2009.

  • Chopper

    this flick looks like old school nic cage, and thats a good thing. kind of reminds me of the crazy roles he did in wild at heart, vampires kiss and raising arizona. im looking forward to seeing this one.

  • rob

    I probably would have dismissed this had I not known Herzog was involved. His name alone makes it a must-see for me.

  • Mitch

    The original would probably be in my top 10-15 favorite cop movies of all time. Cage is good once every few years, and he seems pretty over the top in this which he fits well, I’m extremely excited for this, and that was a pretty interesting choice of a director, going from Encounters, the nature documentary, to a story of a corrupt cop that is addicted to numerous illegal things.

  • Nuno

    Okay, so Herzog hasn’t seen the original Bad Lieutenant but has he seen Ghost Rider? What’s he thinking by re-teaming Eva Mendes with Nic Cage?

  • Goon

    This looks incredibly bad, but I’m not sure if its MEANT to be bad, even with Herzog on board. It’s all because of Cage, and because everything he does is ridiculous, and I have no idea if he’s aware of it.

  • Everybody hating on Cage. Lame.

    This looks like great fun, a must see for me.

  • I think this looks absolutely extraordinary.

    But I don’t get Werner Herzog’s name. Is he another guy who doesn’t get when Nicolas Cage is trying to do something that isn’t what the movie calls for? Sure seems like in the trailer. I mean like how he saw Ghost Rider as ridiculous and played it comedic, when the director thought he was being serious. It seems the same in this. It’s probably an un-marketable movie if Herzog gets Cage though, so maybe they just thought marketing it like Ghost Rider is their best bet.

  • Ian

    hmmm … the first bit of the trailer looks very much like documentary style and the later stuff looks more traditonal narrative. I wonder if Herzog directe the whole thing? I should really see Rescue Dawn.

  • Goon: Of course he is aware of it. Have you seen The Weather Man? He is a professional who has ideas. But he can act whatever you make him act, it’s just sometimes people don’t give a shit about the acting in their films. Their hollywood films, I should add.

  • Phil G

    A buddy of mine were just talking today about how great a movie PEGGY SUE GOT MARRIED was and how balls out hilarious/awesome Cage was in that. The stories I’ve is that the studio hated what he was doing but Uncle Francis stuck with him. Cage to me used to be such a fearless, go for broke actor, but at a certain point he fell back on doing those Cagisms. Perhaps it was post Oscar. Most actors really need a good script and a strong director to be worth a shit. He was great in ADAPTATION, THE WEATHER MAN, and BRINGING OUT THE DEAD.

    I thought the trailer looked pretty good, and am intrigued by the Herzog/Cage combination. It could turn out to be a cinematic molitov cocktail. I mean, Cage is the actor who ate a live cockroach in VAMPIRE KISS, and Herzog did insist on taking that fucking boat over the mountain against all reason. Who knows what these two together could create. I’m hoping for something that, in Jay’s words this week, will leave blood in my underwear. I don’t know. I’m sold.

  • Why does this movie look like it’s from the early 90s?

  • It does look like something from the 90s…but I’ll see it after having enjoyed Rescue Dawn about three times through.

  • Fuck, I love Nicholas Cage.

  • dan

    This doesn’t seem like a typical Herzog movie, but his name has me on board. Sure Cage has put out a lot of shit over the last decade or so, but lost in the shit pile (probably due to the sheer quantity of shit) are some above average Adaptation or Matchstick Men performances. As another commentor mentioned, this looks like old school Nic Cage. The flick seems promising.

  • I believe this is Herzog in full prankster mode. I believe he seems to want to get a rise out of Ferrara, I do not know why. This should be absolutely hilarious as a film parody. Cage is indeed AWESOME and the lines here are insanely quotable. Can’t wait till this one tanks at the cinema and becomes some sort of cult movie.

    Shoot him again, his soul is still dancing.


  • Goon

    if he is so aware of it Henrik, he would have reined himself in on the Wicker Man, as it is, he embarasses himself in every scene. He can’t even dive into water properly in that movie.

  • Must see for me!
    Noticing it´s popular to hate Cage for some reason. Too bad.

  • Goon

    “Noticing it’s sensible to hate Cage for some reason. Too bad.”

    I don’t hate Cage at all. I love him when he’s good, and I love it when he makes a fool out of himself. But I don’t believe for one second at this point he is in control of that, and i remain unconvinced this is truly parody. If Herzog’s name weren’t attached I think people would not be holding out hope for that.

  • Rick

    “shoot him again, his soul is still dancing”

    dude, this movie looks bad ass, and i can’t wait to see it. thats all i’m gonna say

  • “if he is so aware of it Henrik, he would have reined himself in on the Wicker Man”

    Why? To do something everybody else could be doing? I think he is just strange, but intentionally tries to do crazy things in order to stand out and make movies like Wicker Man or Ghost Rider or Bad Lieutenant interesting for himself.

  • “If Herzog’s name weren’t attached I think people would not be holding out hope for that.”

    Of course. For me, that is the draw.

    “and i remain unconvinced this is truly parody.”

    Same here. In fact, I don’t think this is a parody at all. The ‘shoot him again, his sou is still dancing’ line is very typical Herzog. I don’t think it’s a parody, but I do think his sense of humour might be shining through, like many of his films.

  • John

    Gotta agree with Chopper. Vampire’s Kiss is a must-see for those who get a kick out of him when he is good and when he is bad. Hopefully the tone remains light like the trailer then any comparisons with Ferrara will be moot.

  • loganski29

    This looks funny as hell; like someone told Cage to go OVER THE TOP

  • dan

    I fuckin love me some Nic Cage when he’s not phoning it in, too. But I think his bad movie choices are due to the non-problem of him loving money so goddamn much, and I can’t blame him. When we all criticize him for his performance in NExt or the like, he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

    The more I watch this trailer, the more i’m pumped to check it out.

  • Cheryl McBee

    Why are they using the Bad Lieutenant Port of New Orleans?
    Why reference the original at all?
    The first is about spiritual void and partial redemption and the other is about ?
    Cage is in his own head so you’ll probably never know.
    The film looks like the early 9o’s because that’s when the original was made and what went on in it then could not happen today.
    And the protagonist is DEAD;
    A poor choice all the way around.

  • I watched the movie one hour ago here in Venice.
    Jeez, guy. I think the worst one from the creativeness of Mr. Herzog.

    A junk policeman (Nicholas Cage) modeled with a rarefied, unshaped psychology, with showered violence rented from some cheap “B” movies and an overall, final message “catholethical” and old-fashioned, anti-Yankees flavored.

    Despite the tons of prescript-ed medicines citations (Vicodin, Oxycontin, Dilaudid….) and assumptions plus the not legal meds (Heroin, Cocaine, hydrochloride and basified) taken orally, by nose, smoked, the Bad Lieutenant, talking and behaving like any street junk, become socially stronger and successful, yearly rewarded with career advancement….

    An annoying junkies drama with no thrill and no message.

    Neither a minimum effort to embrace this “second choice plot” with a clear, social commitment as a real attach to prohibition and its social putrefactive actions or the need to put on top of emergence priorities the drugs law reform and definitively send the DEAs and the Reagans/Dubya philosophy to the horrors cellar….