Weird Web Wednesdays: Hump Day

After last weeks absence, I had double the content to pull from for this weeks Weird Web Wednesdays and I think you will surely be pleased. The focus for this week: hump day. First off is a totally honest dude just looking for a hot girl to bang before his contacts fall out. Also, a grandmother is brutally date raped by a golden retriever and Star Trek goes XXX. Set phasers on (add dirty word that sort of rhymes with stun). Speaking of Star Trek; in honour of all of the Trek talk surrounding JJ Abram’s reboot, I’ve decided to collect a few killer YouTube renditions of the wonderful Star Trek Enterprise theme song, Faith of the Heart. All of this and much more on this beautiful hump day. ENJOY.

Dog Attacks Grandma

Star Trek Porno

Pitcher Stops Line Drive With Face

Japanese Binocular Soccer

Good Ole Tom’s Ad

Dad Yells at Son For Crying on Web Cam

Faith of the Heart Cover #1

Faith of the Heart Cover #2

Faith of the Heart Cover #3

Faith of the Heart Cover #4

  • Goon

    Ladies Man there looks like he could be related to me.

  • Cue the Linkin Park music for crying son!

  • That guy probably did find a date seeing how this is the Internet.