Peter Berg to Direct Battleship: The Movie?


While most of us are still trying to figure out how and why Ridley Scott will actually be directing a Monopoly movie, Hasbro and Universal have quietly continued to make the rounds in Hollywood, signing up big name talent for even more movies based on popular board game properties. Back in February they snagged Enchanted director Kevin Lima and Tropic Thunder writer Etan Cohen for Candy Land. Then Gore Verbinski agreed to direct Clue. Now this month it appears that they are close to landing a captain for Battleship as well.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Peter Berg is in talks to direct the movie, from a script that will be written by Jon and Erich Hoeber (Whiteout). If this actually comes to pass, it will be a pretty huge win for Hasbro, who will then be able to slap the tagline, “From the director of Hancock and The Kingdom” on the posters. Not much is known about the movie at this point except that they are planning an “epic naval action adventure” (clearly the Hoeber Bros will have a few gaps to fill in). I will say that this is the first board game movie that actually sounds decent, but realistically, the Battleship name has absolutely nothing to do with it. Would you watch a Battleship movie directed by Peter Berg? Will any of these board game movies actually be worth checking out?

  • This is, without a doubt, the most idiotic hollywood trend EVER. what’s next? a horror movie version of “Hungry Hungry Hippos”? A stirring family drama “The Game of Life”? ugh. i think i just made myself throw up in my own mouth.

  • Matt K

    Whats next? Operation the movie?

  • joe

    Hopefully they stay true to the source material for this.


  • Tracy

    If this is done right, it will be AMAZING!


  • I guess whichever captain figures out that the red missles are more accurate than the white ones will win the battle.

  • Actually, it could be good. Two ww2 era fleets, from ficticious countries so you dont know whether red or blue is good. Basically having them fight, manuever, rescue sailors from the sunk ships, etc It can remain true to the game by animating the scouting and sinkings, etc.

  • Sushi

    It better not be a stupid movie and ruin my child hood board game like the tv show scrubs ruin operation for me. Operation the board game

  • Joseph

    I can’t remember which comedy show did this… But I swear this is like something you would see on late night television.

    You loved Transformers the movie so of course you will love “AUTOBOTS” the movie. You loved AUTO BOTS the movie so of course check out, Micromachines the movie.

    Sorry just ran out of childhood memories.

  • elmo

    from what i seen so far it looks to be a good movie but considering i was on the ship he came to visit and film on

  • zzz

    This movie will be amazing!! I can’t wait for Battleship 2 !!!! (sarcasm)

  • Andrew P, PBFHS

    I’m now casting for my next two productions: Scrabble (The Movie) and Whack-a-mole (The Movie). Cannes, here I come!


  • battleship history

    What a great opportunity to tell the histories of battleship naval warfare using modern film techniques. From the epic battle of Jutland, to the sinking of the Bismark, to the forgotton Battle of the Java Sea and the sinking of the Houston(a battle that wasn’t reported on at the time as there were no journalists aboard to record it and it happened at the same time as Pearl Harbor), this could be great or of course could be a sham. I guess we’ll see!

  • athleticdred

    Battleship Rocks.. Def a must C.. I just met “The BEAST” here in NOLA..he rocks…good luck~!