A MacGruber Movie… For Real?


Hey, remember a few months ago when it was announced that a MacGyver movie was in the works, and everyone was making MacGruber jokes and saying how much they’d rather see a movie based on the Saturday Night Live parody instead? Well, sometimes you have to be careful what you ask for, because Lorne Michaels might be listening. At the gala for this year’s Peabody Awards, the SNL head honcho reportedly told The Hollywood Reporter that a MacGruber movie was being considered for production during the SNL off-season. When pressed further for details, all he could say is, “We’re still in discussions.”

Let’s take a step back for a minute here. There have been a number of Saturday Night Live characters that starred in their own movies over the years. Most were terrible, but a few were decent (Wayne’s World, for example). If I’m not mistaken, the last SNL movie was The Ladies Man starring Tim Meadows back in 2000. The fact that this was almost 10 years ago should be a sign not only that these movies tend to suck, but also that the current SNL cast and writing staff haven’t created any memorable characters worthy of the big screen. Is a parody of an ’80s TV show really the best they can manage? It goes without saying that something that is funny in 3-minute installments probably cannot survive the transition to a 90 minute feature, but when it comes to MacGruber, the sketch is barely funny on its own… there is NO WAY this will work as a movie. Will Forte is a funny guy, but you can’t build an entire movie around a theme song and a mullet. With any luck, this idea will be quietly swept under the rug, and we’ll never actually have to confront the reality of a MacGruber motion picture.

  • Goon

    “he current SNL cast and writing staff haven’t created any memorable characters worthy of the big screen.”

    While there are some recurring characters, they don’t put stock in them like they used to. Current recurring characters seem to be purposefully annoying that nobody would want to spend time with. Macgruber is the closest they have to one which is “likeable”

    speaking of recurring characters hope people at least caught Will Ferrell bringing back Celebrity Jeopardy and Harry Carey this weekend.

  • Personally, I’d be in for a “MacGruber” film. I think Will Forte is quite funny.

  • sara

    A MacGruber film huh? That would be terrible! I hope they don’t bother wasting the money. I certainly wouldn’t waste time watching it.

  • Goon

    if one is inclined towards Will Forte, Brothers Solomon was a lot better than the critics had it made out to be. not an A comedy by any standards, but it had enough for me to enjoy.

  • Captain N

    I want a Waynes World 3 instead.

  • Neil M

    I don’t know. Depending on who writes it, I think it has potential. Obviously it would have very little to do with the actual sketches, but the idea of the character is funny enough. I kind of liked The Brothers Solomon myself. I think they need to go completely weird and silly with the humour for it to work though. Maybe like a more modern day Billy Madison or something.

  • Matt

    I liked The Brothers Solomon a lot. Will Arnett and Will Forte were very surprising in that movie. Maybe I wasn’t expect too much from it after the bashing it received from the crittics and after making only $900,000 in North America. Has anybody else seen it?
    Anyway, As for a MacGruber movie. I think people like the skit only because it’s so strange and because it’s literally always like 30 seconds long. So how would a movie work? Would it be the same skit for 1 and a half hours? I’m sure people would love to see that. And if it’s anything other than that, then it won’t really be a MacGruber movie, but something else altogether. This seems to be the only popular character on SNL right now. Although I have to admit I havent seen SNL in a while.

  • Bob The Slob


    I’d see it…why not.

  • Chris

    I can’t even watch SNL anymore. I feel bad for the actors that no one in the audience laughs. When they do laugh it’s a pity laugh or because the MC told them to.

  • Jesse

    i’d definitely go see this on day one..even though it will be terrible. i just always laugh so hard at the sketch