EMBARRASSING: Stan Bush’s Transformers 2 Version of ‘The Touch’

I am embarrassed for the following people: Michael Bay, Stan Bush, Linkin Park, the guy rapping in this video, the director of this video, Shia LeBeouf, Megan Fox and anyone who actually thinks this is good. This video for Stan Bush’s ‘Sam’s Theme’ is a perfect summarization of the ‘edginess’ so desperately displayed throughout M.Bay’s T-Formers. I hide my face under the scarf of embarrassment.

  • Is this for real? When did ‘Prostate Rock’ become a genre?

  • Goon

    After taking a look at Stan Bush’s site, I’m wondering if this is unofficial, and he’s just latching on to TF for attention.

  • Ian

    The Soundtrack for the cartoon is awesome. I don’t know about this.

  • Ian

    Ugh this is bad. Damn at least he refrained from redoing Dare. That said if and when they do Voltron and when the are deciding to fuck it up it would be nice if they didn’t mess with the kickass theme where the mice go to get the key to the Black Lion.

  • Track #3 on his new album
    I’ll Never Fall

    Track #4

    That’s awesome.

  • That is brilliant Matt Gamble.

  • swarez

    BLEARGHHHHHHHHH! Who the FUCK! made this happen and how does any sane person think this is cool?

  • Toe Fu

    It’s like a Tim & Eric video gone Hollywood. Great Job??

  • Is this a real tie-in with the movie? Are these old guys Micheal Bay’s wingmen when he hits on 20 year olds at the Playboy Mansion?

  • Schizopolis

    This is a joke, right? It’s parody! It’s not real??? Seriously, please say it ain’t so!

  • Sly

    this must be the worst joke

    and that clip where he kind of celebrates the war in Iraq makes me wanna puke

    but why am I even watching this crap……???????

  • Goon

    After looking at this a couple times I’m convinced this was unsolicited.

  • Finally, something worthwhile brought on by that shitty movie. What a wonderful world we live in that provides such beauty.

  • It wouldn’t surprise me if they did this on purpose to simply drum up some viral marketing nonsense for this piece of shit movie.

  • Rusty James

    I think Goon’s dead on.

  • Neil M

    I know it’s played out, but this just calls for it…


  • hey Wintle is back!

  • modesilver

    Why are you embarrassed in Linkin Park?

    The dude made a joke outta himself making this shit.

  • stevie_boy

    Holy crap this is awful. It doesn’t even have the original Touch tune. Stan Bush must really be hard up for cash.

  • swarez

    When you think about it this is exactly the kind of shit I would think Bay listens to. Ultra patriotic bullshit munching.

  • Goon

    I just heard part of Linkin Park’s ACTUAL Transformers song on the radio, and its not this. I maintain that this is Stan Bush trying to push his way into the picture, and that this is unofficial.

  • It doesn’t matter, its still in the spirit of and it’s still embarrassing.

  • jAcobszz

    Lol it isn’t even official so stop talking shit about Micheal Bay. I know it is shit, but I’m sure Bay knows that too. New Divide is 100x times better than this.

  • Glendon

    This just makes Boogie Nights even better.

  • JR

    Since when did Ray Romano start rapping?

  • Kix

    Fuck Michael Bay in his untalented hack ass.

  • Matt K

    It was pretty good for the first 40 seconds.

  • Luis

    I don’t know what is so embarrassing about this!!! Stan Bush is an awesome Music artist and he put that out for his loyal fans. The song is great and i applaude him for continuing to be true to his fans. The video is great and Michael Bay, if he were smart, would add Stan Bush to the movie soundtrack!

  • Tony Jenkins

    The song is not so embarrassing, but the video…


    I am suing, I had a near death experience. It was so embarrassing that the guitarist couldn’t keep a straight face. He had that “Don’t take this seriously guys.”

    The rapper definately took himself way too seriously. All the cliche “rap” moves and that neck rubbing at the middle of the song, you’re doing too much.