Christophe Gans to Direct Fantomas


Well, that didn’t take long… it looks like Christophe Gans may already be out of the running to direct Conan. His next project has just been announced, and with a production start of late 2009 or early 2010, it is forcing him to push back another movie he was in the process of developing called The Swedish Cavalier. So what is this big project he will be taking on? Apparently he is directing and co-writing Fantomas, a feature film reboot based on the popular French crime novels. I have to admit, I don’t know much about the character, but the more I read about it, the more interesting it sounds.

Fantomas is a thief, assassin and master of disguise whose adventures were first published in 1911, and eventually made the transition to comics, serials, feature films, and TV. Perhaps the most well-known adaptation is the 1964 film directed by André Hunebelle and starring Jean Marais… it was France’s answer to James Bond at the time.

Variety reports that this new take on the character will be influenced by The Dark Knight, with Fantomas “facing off with a villain of equal or even more dastardly dimensions”. The movie will feature both French and English dialogue, most likely with the hopes of reaching an international audience. Either way, I’m pretty excited to see Christophe Gans do something other than a video game adaptation again (the delay of Onimusha was probably a good thing). What do you think, does this sound exciting? And is the resemblance between Fantomas and Dr. Manhattan just a coincidence?

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  • Matt

    How many dastardly dimensions can one vilain possibly have? I mean, the Joker from TDK certainly had a lot of dastardly dimensions. But that doesn’t mean that the Fantomas villain will have as many or more dastardly dimensions. Dastardly Dimensions!

  • Hmm… I think it just meant of equal or dastardly dimensions compared to Fantomas, because he’s kind of a bad guy himself.

  • Paul Andrews

    Personally I’m hoping for MORE dastardly dimensions. If they go for an equal number it will be just another one of those boring ‘same number of dastardly dimensions’ affairs that have plagued us in recent years. It could be worse of course. They are avoiding the obvious ‘less dastardly dimensions’ trap.

  • Matthias Galvin

    Sounds like someone needs to bone up on his Feuillade.

    “Don’t know much about the character”…

  • Rick

    i think this mobie sounds retarded

  • Rick


  • I love Fantômas. Christophe Gans is a fine choice.

  • Sounds something diffent for Mr gans he can still work on the Onimusha film adaptation when the time comes but I hope there is some couple of japanese screenwriters adapting the storyline for the Onimusha movie.

    Thank You.

  • Fantomas should do the soundtrack! Mike Patton wouldn’t dissapoint.

  • Mike Patton

    …but isn’t Fantomas evil?