V For Vendetta Director to Take Over Conan Reboot from Brett Ratner?


A few days ago, fantasy fanboys breathed a sigh of relief when it was announced that Brett Ratner had dropped out of the upcoming Conan reboot. Apparently it was mainly a timing thing; Lionsgate wants to move fast on this project, with shooting scheduled to start on August 24th. Clearly they’ll need to secure a new director as soon as possible, and according to CHUD, they may have already found their replacement for The Rat: James McTeigue.

McTeigue is best known as the Wachowski Brothers’s right hand man, having directed the Alan Moore adaptation V for Vendetta, and also the upcoming Ninja Assassin. The weird thing is, IMDb also lists McTeigue as being in talks to direct X-Men Origins: Magneto, which although scheduled for a 2011 release, may potentially put him out of the running for Conan. Either way, this could be the first time McTeigue has directed something without the Wachowskis backing him up, although it is interesting to note that the Wachowskis were hired to produce and write King Conan: Crown of Iron at one point. A new script has since been rewritten, and I am disappointed to learn that Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain (Outlander) are no longer involved with the project.

Still, McTeigue could be a good choice for the project, although I think a lot depends on how Ninja Assassin turns out. There wasn’t a ton of action in V for Vendetta, but word on the street is that Ninja Assassin is one violent, bloody masterpiece. Would you like to see James McTeigue take on Conan? If not McTeigue, who else?