Cantankerous Episode #7: Reed’s House – A Video Tour

Gerry's House

It’s been a long time coming, but you guys are in for a real treat. Last weekend myself, Sean and our good friend Roman paid Reed Farrington a visit to the Shatcave (a.k.a. Reed’s House). We brought some gear and decided to lay down a very special VIDEO edition of Cantankerous, giving you all what you so badly need: a tour of Reed’s House. What ensued was an intimate look into the soul of a man whose on-camera downward spiral into the realm of insanity left us questioning both his motives and our own universal relevance. Initially, Reed came across as an endearing and gracious host, but gradually his charms receded, letting his dark side seep through. Hoarding stuffed creatures for his own amusement. Single-handedly destroying entire colonies of lower life forms, simply to prolong the existence of his precious First Contact chocolate bars. A self-admitted psychopath and megalomaniac, ‘Reed’s House’ provides a candid and disturbing portrait of one of the 20th century’s most notorious (action) figures. Enjoy!

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  • One of the best things I’ve ever seen.

  • Mason and I watched this while eating dinner and it was more entertaining than some of the TV I’ve seen lately.
    Thanks Reed for letting us into your house. In your defense I have several dead plants in the apartment and haven’t thrown them out despite being unemployed for two months. It’s ridiculous but easy to keep putting off.

    Butttt if you ever want to clean some stuff out I’ll be on your doorstep with a box of trash bags in no time. The clutter in your house driving me crazy. (It’s a weird girl thing)

  • Goon

    look at all this feedback….

    seriously Jay, you could really stretch this out to a long feature and it would be very funny and watchable. Its almost Maysles-ish, just let Reed be Reed and catch it on film. No narrative to construct, no need. Do it!

  • manicpanda



  • Reed– why was there Ketchup in your Star Trek room?

  • I concur with Goon. I would gladly pay upwards to $15 for the Reed Farrington DVD.

  • dan

    I would totally watch a feature length documentary on Reed. It would be entertaining to see him go about his days–going to the library, bargain hunting, on expedtions in search of collectibles. With Reed waxing philosophical about life and existence and the nuances of being frugal. I imagine it would be some fascinating, poignant stuff(not to mention hilarious). With your directorial style, Jay, it would be awesome.

  • dan

    I also imagine it would be kinda dark with stuff going on beneath the surface, like this episode. Good stuff.

  • theDia

    Scary, but i was exactly like Reed before founding my family and now (after the kids have gone living their own lives) I´m slowly on the way back.

    I still own some unopened Star Wars Episode V-Cereals – yeahhh. ;)

  • Phil G

    Loved the show. I know it’s easy to hate on Reed, but I find him very endearing. Perhaps its because I can see a little too much of myself in him. There but for the Grace of a blond woman who didn’t know any better at the time go I. Reed seems to be the real life incarnation of Steve Carrel in the 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN. The main thought I had while watching this was, “What would a woman think of this house?” She’d probably think she was never coming out alive. I have to say that I kind of agree with everyone that this could be stretched out a bit, although a feature may be pushing it. I’m thinking something in the vein of CRUMB.

    Jay, if you don’t mind, I have a couple of technical questions.

    1. I know you are not using the camera mics, but are you recording directly into the camera, or are you using a external device? If so, which one?

    2. Are you doing your audio post in FCP or another program?

    Thanks for indulging me.

    Again, great episode.

  • Neil M

    I don’t even know what to say really. That was a 4. I don’t want to start gushing, but you guys seriously can do no wrong. Jay, you’re insane if you don’t do a feature on Mr. Darth Nameless himself. Never before has there been such a fascinating, hilarious, and weird – but strangely endearing – man. Maybe you can document his pioneering attempts to back up the internet on his old VHS tapes.

  • I’ll just add my name to the pile of enthusiasts on this short. Great work. Love the lie detector freeze frame opening.

    And I think I actually have all of those TNG chocolate bars. They’re in a box in my parent’s basement I think. I may have to warn them about the maggots that come with the chocolate from the factory. Ha!

    I want more of this.

  • dom_g


  • Wow. I am truly humbled by all of your comments everyone. I wish I could say that Reed Farrington is only a character I portray. As the old saying goes, “It’s better to be laughed at and be a loser than to have never laughed at all.” Or something like that.

    BTW, I found a video tape where I backed up some Star Trek web-sites. I should convert some of it to YouTube format to show you all a bit of it.

    I’ll answer a few of the queries from the comments:

    Jon Rocks, the Heinz Ketchup has a Limited Edition Celebrity Label. The celebrity in question is William Shatner. The label says, “Fixes burgers at warp speed.”

    manicpanda, I would gladly sell you one of my Hello Kitty DVD players, but I’m terrible at bargaining.

    froggiegirl, I did a spiel about how clutter would eventually become in vogue. I don’t think that made it to the final edit.

    Mason, I actually have been collecting Jerry Goldsmith soundtracks, but not just because he composed Star Trek scores. I like his music. I recently picked up his “Our Man Flint” original motion picture score on vinyl for a dollar!

    joe, not sure if you’re asking about fiction or non-fiction books. I haven’t been able to find any recent fiction writers that can hold my interest. For example, I have books by Dan Simmons and George R.R. Martin, but I haven’t been able to get into them. As for non-fiction, I recommend the author Leonard Shlain. I have 3 of his books and they’re all filled with interesting theories and facts.

  • “I found a video tape where I backed up some Star Trek web-sites”

    I have no idea what this means but I want to know more. You can back up websites on VHS tapes?? What kind of 1980’s Doc Brown madness is this?

  • Cy-Ed

    That was the best 15 minutes of my whole day
    great job guys.
    Rock on Reed!

  • AdamH

    Man that was awesome! I think the video content like this is what makes you guys a cut above the other podcasters/ film sites.
    Well done fellas

  • MAN I can´t stop laughing at the beginning:

    “Mnnooo” *shakes head*
    Beat-> BUZZ
    ARRG And freeze frame and the music kicks in.

    Brilliant editing! Brilliat!

  • Epic, just epic! Is there any chance this will ever turn into a feature-length documentary? How could Reed afford this!? In Germany we call a person who collects everything and isn’t able to get rid of ANYTHING a “messy” … ;-)

  • Mike

    Awesome. Great.
    Bring up more. More from Reed’s Entertainment room.
    How can you even move in all your collected thongs, Reed? You are the real Trekkie!

    Greets from Germany


    PS: I’m telling everybody here to watch this, so we can make this big!

  • Yes!! I’d definitely have a Reed Olympics if you made Reed into a full length documentary. I’d also need Reed to attend my party to judge the games.

    Games we’d have:
    – a lie detector test
    – star trek trivia
    – maggot chocolate bar eating competition

    What game was he singing with? We’d have to play that game too!

  • Sly

    Awesome stuff! This is so entertaining. That’s reality TV at its best. Thanks for the great work.

  • Dave, I point my video camera at the computer monitor and film it as I maneuver through all the screens of the web-site with the mouse. I even adjust the shutter speed to compensate for the incompatible frame rates. Note: I only did this for a few web-sites that didn’t allow me to save pages. I haven’t done this again in over a decade.

    katie, I was playing Rock Band. My required attendance at the Reed Olympics party might be a deal-breaker, because I’m painfully shy.

    I wanted to mention that the lie detector actually made cool sounds and had ominous music playing from it. The boom mike wasn’t able to pick up on it, I don’t think. There were two “pain” settings. Jay and Sean were too chicken to try it out. On the other hand, Roman was able to keep his hand on the lie detector even at the highest pain setting!

  • Joe C

    loved every minute, Great Work Guys!!

  • trekker

    Seems like the guy behind the camera is a jerk. There is no reason to be so condescending toward Gerry.

  • Paul Andrews

    Sublime. Good job. You’ve managed to top ‘Cooking With Gerry’ which is no mean feat. Thanks.

  • “Seems like the guy behind the camera is a jerk. There is no reason to be so condescending toward Gerry.”

    Is it jerky of me to think it’s funny that this comment was made by a guy named ‘trekker’? I’m guessing you also have a collection of maggot filled First Contact chocolate bars?

  • Steven C.

    Haha great work Jay and Sean, you guys really should do a Reed’s House Part 2. I’m sure the rest of his house is just as strange and would be very fascinating to see.

  • trekker, thx for coming to my defense, but I actually encouraged Jay and Sean to make quips at my expense. I realize my house is kind of strange. I was prepared to remain off camera and have the guys just roam around my house making jokes.

    I’m hoping Jay is playing at condescension for comedic effect, but it is kind of hard to tell sometimes because he’s such an a**-hole. (I’m kidding. Jay is one of the few people who can put up with my antics.)

  • Liana

    Any chance of getting this on itunes? :( I really want to watch but I do most of my viewing/listening on my ipod on my commute.

  • Jeff

    “Dave, I point my video camera at the computer monitor and film it as I maneuver through all the screens of the web-site with the mouse.”

    Reed, you are out of your damn mind.

    Please include some of this web site archival footage in the full length Reed documentary. I’d also like the camera to follow Reed on a typical day, as well as perhaps a trip to the States to pick up special Star Trek garbage.

    I really enjoyed the editing of the opening, but the Curb music took me out of it a bit. Overall, it was great.

  • That was better than the tour of Tom Savini’s house on the Two Evil Eyes BD.

  • catho


  • This was fucking wicked! I loved the dead plants.

  • The Het

    You gotta make a 90 minute doc about Reed. He is more interesting than Daniel Johnston.

  • Erik P

    I’m late to the game on this one … but this deserves 70 more minutes and a theatrical release. Hilarious work Jay, I didn’t want it to end.

  • In case people didn’t already know, let me tell you that Jay’s working on a long form documentary feature about someone who is way more interesting than me.

  • Tomas

    There you go man, being all modest and shit. :P

    By the way, I’ll buy that hat off of you…

  • Nick D

    I think I have the exact same Star Trek Enterprise toy that made the sound effects in the dinning room. It was a Christmas gift from years ago.

  • Nick D, that Star Trek toy was a bank replica of the desktop computers on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I think it’s somewhat common. Nice to know we have something in common. :-)

  • Kasey Ruiz


  • Sh*t, I’m going right now to get that damn ketchup bottle out of there! Thx, Kasey. (And I love how you spell diorama. Ha ha.)

  • sitromdrol

    I want more.


  • I still haven’t worked up the nerve to watch all of what Jay edited into the “Reed’s House” video. There’s probably footage “on the editing room floor,” but if Jay didn’t think it was interesting enough to make the cut, then I would trust his judgment. I think the only thing we didn’t get to in my house was the Mona Lisa over my toilet. Oh, and I have a piece of my baby clothing hanging on a wall.

  • “I think the only thing we didn’t get to in my house was the Mona Lisa over my toilet. Oh, and I have a piece of my baby clothing hanging on a wall.”

    This is relevant to my interests. I guess you guys have to go do a Reed’s House Part 2 now. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

  • We should film a Reed’s House Party with invited guests from the celebrity world like Greg, Doug Nagy and Tomas Baychuk. But no hip hop music, sorry.

  • Adam

    Oh my God that was fucking awesome! I laughed, I cried, I questioned the mental stability of a single man living alone with maggoty chocolate bars, realistic sucking monkeys and episodes of “Moonlighting”. Thanks for sharing Reed!

  • Adam, I do feel the sanctity of my humble abode has been violated, but as long as people like yourself enjoy the experience, then I suppose I can live with it.

    As Sean has noted elsewhere, we recently recorded a Cantankerous that had the longest recording session so far. Sean and Jay feel obligated to edit the boring stuff out like our discussion of Canadian film, so it might take a week or two before it’s released. I thought I would try to be more composed, but as always happens, I get tongue-tied and my voice goes up an octave under the tension. I suspect I’m getting more incomprehensible as time goes on despite my best efforts.

  • chris

    good stuff! hell of a camera jay – very clean and clear

  • WOW!The house is crazy and cluttered! Do you even know what you collectibles you have anymore? Get rid of the dead plants it is killing your fung shui! It is time to get the ladies from How Clean Is Your House? to come in sir!

    Good show guys!