Weird Web Wednesdays: Sex Man Origins: Wolverine

Just when I finished complaining about Wolverine’s organic claws in “X Men Origins: Wolverine”, someone comes along and proves my point that spring loaded claws are both practical and totally cool! Alright, maybe they aren’t so hot. But you gotta admit, the dude above hacks up empty cardboard boxes in STYLE. Also, this week I’m looking at some cool 80’s cartoon TV shows. Do you remember Gary Coleman’s cartoon? Didn’t think so. Don’t worry, there’s people getting hurt in here somewhere too. It’s WWW!!!!!!!!!! (Weird Web Wednesdays)

The Gary Coleman Show

Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos

Mr.T Intro

Turbo Teen Intro

World’s Worst Street Fight

World’s Worst Street Fight – Watch more Funny Videos

Close Range Paintball Headshot

Boom Headshot – Watch more Funny Videos

Stunt Driver Wrecks Ferrari in Times Square

Stunt Driver Wrecks Ferrari at Time Square – Watch more Funny Videos

Cowboys Practice Dome Collapses

Gas Station News Anchor Prank

Gas Station Prank – Watch more Funny Videos

  • I NEED those cartoons on dvd!

  • Palladio

    I’m sure everyone agrees that Jay deserves a gold star for giving W.W.W.s the dose of 80s nostalgia it truly needed. As a thanks – hopefully – check out WWE’s John Cena as Hannibal in his legit hip-hop video and A-Team spoof:

  • bullet3

    Oh dear god that Chuck Norris cartoon is the funniest thing I’ve seen this year. An alligator parachuting into a military base only for Chuck to wrestle it? What were the writers smoking?

  • Jay, you have to admit those claws were sweet.

    Also, the bone claws were indeed in the comics (because Magneto stripped Wolvie of his adamantium). I don’t know how the movie portrays them; but in the comics they were often broken.

    Ever gotten punched in your face by a guy wearing a ring? You’ll need stitches. Therefore, boneclaws could be a good weapon (albeit barely lethal).

  • Ian

    I think adult swim was airing Gary Coleman and Chuck’s show late at night for awhile there.

  • I never did understand The Gary Coleman Show when I originally watched. Gary Coleman was the voice, but he wasn’t playing Gary Coleman. Plus the insinuation that Gary Coleman was dead at the height of his fame is pretty fucked.

    Mr T was pretty diseased as well. What the hell he had to do with gymnastics I’ll never know, though I do think the shows use of random gymnastics as a fighting form set up my inevitable love of Gymkata.

    And Turbo Teen, what a way to capitalize on the Bigfoot craze. Make a giant car the villain, and have some mutant kid who morphs into a car be the hero. Gawd I loved my 80’s saturday morning cartoons.

  • richard

    those cartoons reminded me of the amazing 80’s cartoon, hulk hogan’s rock n’ wrestling…