Ryan Reynolds Deadpool Spin-Off Also Confirmed


Just yesterday it was confirmed that Fox was moving forward with a Wolverine sequel that would likely be set in Japan, and now today we’ve got confirmation that the rumoured Deadpool spin-off is also heading into development. Ryan Reynolds will star as the wise-cracking mercenary who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and volunteers himself for the Weapon X program. Not many other details are available at this time except that Lauren Shuler Donner and Marvel will produce it.

One question to be answered is how exactly the movie ties into X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I assume it would have to take place before most of the events in that movie, although one of the easter egg endings did predictably leave things open for the character. I know a lot of people didn’t really like what they did with the character by the end of the film. I honestly don’t think I even saw enough of Ryan Reynolds throughout Wolverine to determine whether I’d like to see a feature length movie with him in the role, but it seems like most of the comic book fans felt he at least embodied the character. Personally I’d probably have more interest in a Gambit spin-off, if anything, but hey that’s just me. Thoughts?

  • Rick

    I agree to an extent. I would much rather see a gambit based movie. But not like the pussy gambit we got in the movie. I mean a bad ass gambit like in the comics.

  • 1138

    I haven’t seen the movie yet to agree or disagree with your post but Ryan Reynolds as the main character “Deadpool”? In his own movie? Granted the movie probably won’t stretch the acting abilities of any actor but Reynolds is good in small doses not the main character of a movie. The guy gets annoying after awhile onscreen.

  • Nuno

    For shame Sean, I never knew you were a one of those rabid Gambit fans :P

  • Rusty James

    How bout a sequel for the Blob. It could explain the origin of how he got so fat. I want to know.

  • TruthIsPainful

    Spin-offs are painful if they turn out to be flops. Wait, aren’t all spin-off’s flops?

    What is your worst spin-off movie from the 21st century? (let’s keep in within the last ten years or else we’d be here a long time reading)

    My vote is for Electra. JenniBen is hot, but seems a bit “light headed” in real life. No offense to anyone or JenniBen. Love ya. Go Alias!

  • Ryan Reynolds will star as the wise-cracking mercenary “Merc with a Mouth” who is diagnosed with terminal cancer and volunteers himself for the Weapon X program.


  • Damn crappy HTML skillz.

  • “Wait, aren’t all spin-off’s flops?”

    I think so! At least in movies and TV. In comics it’s another story.

  • assmaster

    He better break the fourth wall. HE HAD BETTER BREAK THE FOURTH WALL.

  • Phil

    We have seen so many comic movies, the only way this will work is if he breaks the 4th wall.

    “Hi Im deadpool adn I’m way cooler than Wolverine — i promise you this movie is going to be better too” etc.

    lots of narration, etc

    Also, make the movie in 3d so Deadpool can exit the film and talk to the audience (?)

  • Phil

    Also would like to draw attention to this great fan film, really captures the tone:


  • What a fantastic film and I hope that they make a Deadpool film, Ryan Reynolds was amazing.

  • Todd

    Spin-off, flops?
    Let me see…
    “The Jeffersons, Maude, Good Times?”
    That’s just television…
    Spinoffs can be successful if the characters are compelling, action is fierce and the story is solid.

  • DecayingSoldier

    Ryan Reynolds was amazing as deadpool. As a loyal fan of the comics i just hope he does break the fourth wall etc.

    And 1138, or whatever, Reynolds is great at holding as a main character. And considering his role in Blade:Trinity was quite similar to the Deadpool persona he has the compacity to pull the role off. If you find his sarcastic qualities “annoying” then you may want to look closer at the Wade Wilson character as Reynolds was as close to the core of the character as possible (minus the screwed up Weapon XI with cyclops laser vision and swords in his arms :/)