Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Trailer #2


Not to be outdone by G.I. Joe (although I doubt such a thing is possible), a new trailer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen also went online today over at Yahoo!. People have been chomping at the bit for this… there were even a bunch of special theatrical screenings held in major cities yesterday just to watch it. With all the hype you’d think this was going to be the best trailer ever cut in the history of movies. So yeah, call me crazy, but I just didn’t think it was all that mind-blowing.

The last Transformers 2 trailer was far more effective in terms of generating excitement, but I suppose you can’t give away all the action and destruction ahead of time. Here we also get a few character moments, some humour and some bits and pieces of the story as well. I do like the mystery of the symbols, and I hope that it will create some suspense and intrigue, but I have a feeling it may just be a 5 minute backdrop to the robot wrestling. Seeing Optimus Prime fighting with the blades was kind of cool… does anyone else get the feeling he’s going to die in this one? I’m already getting choked up. Anyway, I don’t know what else to say… you either want to love it or you want to hate it, and there’s not much middle ground. Check out the trailer below and sound off in the comments below. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen hits theatres on June 24th.

  • It’s like Transformers 1 only stupider. The decided to make it a hybrid with The Mummy or National Treasure or somesuch? Wasn’t gigantic robots enough?


  • alechs

    I agree; Optimus is going down (hopefully) hard. I am guessing that because the trailer reveals so few Autobots they will probably all be present (sans Optimus) and instrumental at the final fight.

    The first trailer was better but that isn’t saying much.

  • The first Transformers film was cheesy but I will still be there to see this. Just not on opening weekend.

    @1. Great film comparison.

    At least Megan Fox is hot in the trailer:

  • swarez

    Call me a sucker but I love this trailer. Like the first movie I will probably love it more than the actual film.

  • Fuck… I think this trailer has got me… i’m sorry but… I just think it looks so cool! I’m just a sucker for big blockbuster summer movies, I can’t hide it. :D

  • Theman

    Mindless fun. Nothing wrong with that. Give your inner film snob a rest. I’m looking at you Jay.

  • von duvois jacobs

    i LOVE THAT JETFIRE IS OLDER!i wish soundwave an shockwave were shown, i mean its toys ,,,so u gotta have fun!
    I just hope that we get a 3rd film!peace!

  • Nate

    I want to hate it. And I do. The first one sucked. This trailer is more of the same poorly done CGI action, awful human characters and more of John Turturro soiling his good name. Pass.

  • Tomas

    I’ll pass. I tried hard to like at least a couple of scenes….the used car lot and Ms. Fox working on the car as the only highlights.

  • Is that Linkin Park’s new song in the first part of the trailer?



    hah, so cheesy. Should be an entertaining enough popcorn flick though.

  • swarez

    “This trailer is more of the same poorly done CGI action,”

    Are you on some kind of super crack?

  • I’m with Nate. Combined, the choreography and character designs in Transformers were so poor that the action was incomprehensible, making it the only film I’ve seen in the past five years that I couldn’t watch all the way through. Pure shit.

  • AuUXero

    This looks great, maybe not th ebest story line ever, but as a action flick fantastic. Also witht he score being done by Linkin Park, even fucking better!

  • Rick

    What are all you talking about? The first transformers was awesome, and this one looks even better. I’m kinda iffy on the symbols, but this one still looks bad ass!!! plus megan fox is in it and she’s just…GRRRRR!

  • Evan

    Only good thing i liked was Linkin Park’s new instrumental at the beginning :D

  • OptimusLover


    This movie is going to be the best movie in the history of best movies!!! Optimus Prime is soooo hot!!! If he dies, I am going to be so sad, heartbroken, and thoroughly p-ed off at the same time. All I’m sayin’ is that Optimus Prime better not die, or I will come after Steven Spielburg.

    GO TRANSFORMERS!!!!!! 4-EVER!!!! THIS MOVIE IS GONNA BE BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • OptimusLover

    GO OPTIMUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Uchiha02

    Seriously it looks like transformers world tour i have to agree with kurt on the movie and that giant transformer at the end who the hell is that suppose to be

  • Gamble

    Wow some of you guys don’t know what your talking about, the Big robot at the end is Decepticons joint together to form one Transformer, Yo this move and I’ll agree with the person that shouted out Optimus lol but this movie going to get MAD money…

    Optimus Prime!!!
    Mega Tron

  • OptimusLover

    That big one that joins together that makes one big Decepticon is going to be Devastator.


  • smith

    ok wow there are so many haters and like one of u at least said youll still all be there waitin ur lil butts off til u go thru this awesome roller coaster ride.. i know we all wish we could make our own movies but still theyve got to make it where kids like when we were kids and watched it like 5 yr olds can still go see this like it and know whats going on.. how bout when we were 5-10 watching this and they made some almost rated R terminator salvation type movie thats really for 17 and above for sure but no they wanna make 300 mill so there gonna make it like what one retard said a mix between mummy and national treasure which i think is a def stretch to say that! u know itll be bang for ur buck cuz mr bay is doing it.. and yes the first was a lil laid back but its the first and yes this one the bad guys win hint hint revenge of tha fallen.. its gonna be like star wars empire strikes back… but in the end optimus is gonna win, no not this movie but come on y you hope he goes down hard? so many autobot haters! go good guys! and thats one thing back in tha day in tha cartoon when optimus and megatron just fought it was a total even fight.. sometimes one win would and sometimes the other would.. in the first movie its like optimus got his butt kicked no prob.. thats gay.. anyway itll b great and you all know it

  • English, motherfucker, do you speak it?

  • Smith still spent more time on his post then Micheal Bay did on this film’s script!

    There is a great interview in this months Creative Screenwriting with the writers of Fallen. They basically rushed to get an outline together before the writers strike SO BAY COULD GO OFF AND START SHOOTING THE ACTION SCENES then came back later and polished the story. The writers talk in the interview about how Bay is very strong in “honoring” the agreed plot points established early in the process. More evidence this guy is all about action and could give a f*ck about a decent story or dialogue. What a hack!

  • wow! im not gonna lie….it’s kinda hot!… i kno people r already complaining about it, but lets face da facts there really isnt any good action movies being released lately well besides G.I Joe…so i gotta say ima see it…b side its TRANSFORMERS PEOPLES!….

  • flaminglump

    I saw a poster where Megatron had torn off optimuses head and was holdin it up in the air “yipee”

  • Micheal

    This is gonna be the Most entertaining thriller rides of all time!!! Loved the first one!!! The trailer is simply mind blowing!!! Micheal Bay u did it again!!!
    Megatron is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will watch it in imax the opening weekend for sure!!

  • Black


    I am waiting for the battle of the giants when decepticons complete the 5 robot to complete devastator and release autobots giant robot also hmm i forgot the name…

    and the most awaited final battle when unicorn (unitron ????) arrive

  • OptimusLover

    Okay, I need some help. What do I do if I am in total, complete love with Optimus Prime?

  • Dry hump your toaster.