Jackie Chan Returns To Armour Of God


Now that James Brown is gone, Jackie Chan has little competition when it comes to the title of Hardest Working Man In Show Business. I’ve posted about some of his upcoming movies over the past few months, but this one is something special. To celebrate his 100th movie, Jackie Chan is resurrecting one of his most popular franchises with a new installment, Armour of God III: Chinese Zodiac. The Armour of God series deals with a globe-trotting treasure hunter, in a similar vein to Indiana Jones.

I wonder if the hundred movies includes cameos, documentaries and that one porno he’d rather we all forget about. Even more pressing is why he would choose Armour of God. I imagine it may be because of that series’ accessibility, though I would love it if he did a third Drunken Master, or even better, one last reunion with Yuen Biao and Sammo Hung for a Project A 3. That guy has a lot of unfinished trilogies lying around. So long as we’re daydreaming, what project would you want Jackie Chan to star in while he’s still movin’, doin’ it, y’know? Can I count it off?

  • Just found this site; I love the blog! Will be checking out the podcast too..

  • Cool, thanks for stopping by, Kid in the Front Row!

  • Nuno

    I’d personally go nuts for a third Drunken Master.

  • I’ve never seen Armour Of God, but Part II(Operation Condor) was a cool movie. Who Am I? was always one of my favorites of his, so I’d like a sequel to that one.

  • Mark Vaynman

    I am huge movie fan of Jackie chan i wish i could meet him in person Armour of god was like the best films i ever from 1986 like Protector Fearless hyeana Jackie chan is the best movie star ever since i was growing up as a kid and watched his movies