Weird Web Wednesdays: Thank You For Being a Friend

This week we’re definitely putting the ‘weird’ back in Weird Web Wednesdaysâ„¢. First off, in honour of the passing of the magnificent Bea Arthur, I figured I’d dedicate a few killer vid spots to Golden Girls theme song covers performed on the drums. Seriously, lots of people like to video tape themselves drumming along to old TV show themes. Just to prove it, I’ve also included a couple renditions of the Mama’s Family theme. Definitely a classic. Also, we’ve got some breaking news; the swine flu has officially been traced back to the feminine napkin hanging out of the the sides of Britney Spears’ underwear. ZING! We’ve also got a dude who likes to ride on the shoulders of old men. ‘Nuff said I suppose. All of this and much, much more in this week’s installment of Weird Web Wednesdaysâ„¢!

Golden Girls Theme on Drums 1

Golden Girls Theme on Drums 2

Mama’s Family Theme on Drums 1

Mama’s Family Theme on Drums 2

Most Awesome – Fat Americans

CLASSIC WWW: Worst Rap Battle Ever

Popeye’s Runs Out of Chicken


Naked Wizard Tazed (NSFW)

Shoulder Sit on an Old Man

  • Steve

    That Wizard deserved it, what a moron.

  • Neil M

    That rap battle got me through studying for my exams last spring. Every time I finished reading a page I would watch it.

  • I’m so confused by that last video.

  • dan

    the high blood pressure ad is pure genius

  • rob

    Iron Mic boyeeeee

  • oh man that popeye’s thing …

  • Mason

    Now this is what I expected from Jay when he said he’d be taking over this segment. Awkward and painful.