McG Will Show You His If You Show Him Yours


Stop the presses! I’ve been wrestling with a number of news items all day long, but it wasn’t until I read this latest item that I truly felt the urge to comment. In an interview with Details magazine, McG, director of Terminator: Salvation, has challenged Michael Bay, director of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, to a penis-measuring competition. No metaphorical dick swinging for McG. This is a man who wants to see the real deal in all its glory.

“Michael Bay has a big c*ck,” he says. Huh? “But I’d like to believe mine is bigger.” McG smiles. “If he’s up for it, we can both reveal ourselves on the Spartacus steps at Universal and put the question to rest.”

Arguably the best part of the above statement is McG’s acknowledgment that Michael Bay is totally packing. I wonder if Michael Bay will be up for the challenge. It can’t be that hard. When you lay in bed at night, staring at the ceiling trying desperately to fall asleep, who do you imagine has the larger junk, McG or Michael Bay? Choose wisely!

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  • Ian

    These guys both must be abundantly talented people to direct major motion pictures and still have time for bullshit like this. I mean Woody Allen or Clint Eastwood have never had that kind of freetime so Bay and McG must be many levels above them in terms of talent and skill.

  • The movies they direct don’t take much talent or skill. It just takes an eye for the beautiful shot, and the machismo to keep people in line.

  • Bryronic

    i don’t care who’s got bigger junk.
    i just wish they’d stop producing monstrous garbage.

  • This debate is as meaningful as which movie will earn more money in my opinion. Maybe even more meaningful. Knowing the size of Michael Bay’s junk might be interesting.

  • swarez

    Might explain allot actually Henrik.

    Now, would they measure the size when it’s in full bloom? What about girth? Needle dicks may be long but not very effective.

  • Girth is definitely something to consider.

  • Everyone knows Bay rocks a 16 inch. The 5,000 women that slept will Bay will tell you that.

  • swarez

    Also there is a saying over here that the smallest dick grows the most, meaning that a pecker that’s not that big or even small when in relax mode but grows way larger compared to its original size when asked. Dudes can have a big schlong when passive but only go rigid and don’t grow when rubbed down.
    Would they consider growth precedences as well?

    What a great discussion.

  • From what I understand, they all look very different flaccid, but looks pretty much the same engorged. Apart from the outer 5% on each end of course. So it may be an antiqlimax.

    It would be fantastic though, if they had scientists measure them out in various competitions, and determine the winner by score in different categories. Like the cock olympics. I think there’s a porn called megaboob olympics actually.

  • to me, I read the whole thing as a metaphor for directing big summer blockbusters and McG feeling really confident about Terminator. I don’t know why he wants to take on Bay, doing a big CG butt f*ck like Bay produces is no big deal (I feel the only skill Bay has is being a crazy task master and getting so may action shots per day) McG should GROW SOME REAL BALLS and take on Nolan and do a action film that is a critical success to.

  • McG is already better than Nolan.

  • o.k. that’s it, it’s go time! Wintle meet me out back in five minutes for a dick fight!

  • It’ll only be gay if balls touch.

  • 1138

    Bay and McG are just a bunch of dicks! :) sorry couldn’t resist.

    Otherwise after making garbage like Pearl Harbor, Bay better have a big dick!

  • Matt

    haha. I like how none of the filmjunk ladies weigh in on this important cinematic issue.
    Hmm. If you combined their names it would be
    Michael McGay.

  • Wow this thread has probably been my biggest waste of time ever spent on Film Junk.

  • Greg

    Comment #13 made me spit out my drink.

    Well played.

  • Nothing that results in someone spitting out their drink could ever be considered a waste of time, Ashley.

  • except mistakenly taking a drink of pig urine of course