Lynchian Bollywood Cobra Woman Trailer For Hisss


2008 was a bit of a wash for me in regards to the movies. Other than Rambo, Kung Fu Panda and a handful of others, it was a dead zone. Thankfully 2009 is picking up the slack. It’s as if they held back all the good stuff just to surprise me later. So far the trailers of 2009 alone have proven better than the combined feature films of 2008. Case in point, Jennifer Lynch’s Hisss.

Mallika Sherawat stars as a Naga, a mystical snake woman who journeys into human society to rescue one of her cobras from a scientist. The effects by Robert Kurtzman look tight and the action is hot and sticky, just how I like it. Check out the teeny-tiny trailer below and let us know if Hisss has put a spell on you.

  • Wow, that looks very cool indeed! I wish someone would remake B-movie “The Leech Woman” using similar special effects.

  • Tangentially related, but I really like Attack of the Giant Leeches. I’ll have to check out The Leech Woman sometime.

  • Matt

    That trailer creeps me out… a lot.

  • looks good, better watch it fast it appears it is being pulled down by the producers on other sites. its labeled as a production trailer in the first few frames

  • 1138

    This looks really cool…B movie theme with A production values!

    Is Jennifer Lynch the daughter of David Lynch? If so and if she anything like her dad this could have a very weird unusual look and feel just like D. Lynch!!

  • swarez

    I love the themed ads on this site. Right now there is an ad for Python Handbags in the upper right corner.

  • That still image looks really intriguing. The trailer was absolutely baffling.

  • The first paragraph in this post is just…

    **shakes head in bewilderment**

  • What’s so bewildering, Andrew? 2008 was resoundingly ‘meh’ for me, though I admit I may have missed all the good stuff.

  • The Wrestler may save 2008 for you yet Wintle.