Lunatics To Remake Videodrome

Universal Studios has announced that they are moving forward with a Videodrome remake. For those of you not familiar with the movie, it is an hallucinatory satire of mass media starring James Woods as an independent softcore pornography television broadcaster who becomes involved in an international conspiracy involving snuff films, stomach vaginas, and Deborah Harry. So, y’know, perfect material for a big-budget action remake.

I made an oath long ago that I would no longer get upset over remakes. This was an easy promise to keep considering most of my favourite movies have already been updated and my heart is now a small lump of calcified stone. However, with this announcement I feel a different emotion, one I never thought I would experience due to a remake; confusion. The original Videodrome is at once visionary and indecipherable, a sleazy psycho-sexual tone poem so idiosyncratic that I doubt anyone, even Cronenberg, could come close to replicating it today. Only the insane would take on a project like this. If anything, maybe it will make a nice companion piece as the kind of entertainment shown within the original. Is this move incredibly wrong-headed, or are you ready to embrace the New Flesh?

  • rob

    I’m not against it. If anything, it might get more people to check out the original.

  • TheMovieVampire

    They could maybe explore the new face of media… like put a DVD into the stomach instead of a tape… or something.

  • kris

    it would be interesting to see a more futuristic version

    mexican explosion proof body suit afghan cave snuff in an alternative virtual realm or i would like to see the new version mixed with the logical conclusion to simulacra

    it definitely needs
    chemical compound orgasms. squirting
    human or alien turning into a psychopathic murderer
    space portals

  • They are insane indeed. I’m betting it wont happen. Isn’t the whole point of a remake to squeeze money out of an idea that was profitable to begin with?

    To update this they would have to make it about a guy that watched way to many shock videos on the internet and decides to shove a jar in his anus. Oh, wait…

  • cronenfly

    i knew this was gonna happen someday. I would love to see this remade by:
    Tarsem Singh
    David Lynch
    Takashi Miike

  • Other remake directors I’d like to see tackle this:

    Chris Cunningham
    Charlie Kaufmann
    Alexandre Aja
    Gaspar Noe
    Shinya Tsukamoto

    Actually, the Kaufmann one would be my 1st choice. Just to see what happened.

  • kris

    fuck kingshot. manson and argento can go suck a dick


  • Chris Cunningham
    Posted by Kurt on April 28th, 2009

    Interesting name there! He’s got a weird obsession with “body transformation” and should he be handed this project we would definitely see some visually compelling stuff.

  • Are you people insane! I’m very afraid for the well being of the masses that along with Pyscho and Twelve Angry Men or even Seven Samauri would want to try to remake a classic piece of art. Cronenberg’s direction has grown with each one of his films he always brought something new to the table. Again, imitation is not always a form of flattery. Why ruin a good thing? How about some new and original ideas? This half-baked film coming out makes me want to retch. Long live DaDa as Cronenberg has shown us in this film.

  • Matt Mourning

    The idea of remaking such a classic movie is absurd. It’s such a bizarre weird movie, how could they possibly remake this movie. James Wood’s performance was awsome and the effects were top notch for the time. Remaking it is going to ruin a great piece of art. Long live the new flesh.