Cantankerous Episode #6: Midnight to Six Man

In this very special episode of Cantankerous, Reed Farrington finally gets to put his disc jockey skills to the test in an attempt to prove his high school aptitude test results. We also discuss the joys of being unemployed, bug infested Star Trek chocolate bars and oxidization as a weapon against Terminators. All for you, the loyal Cantankerous listener. You asked for more and here it is; BIGGER, LONGER and UNCUT. Enjoy!

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  • About goddamn time.

  • niiice!

    thanks Jay!

  • Raph


  • Very entertaining, sounds like Reed has some similar traits as me. I’d suggest not negotiating with yourself so much. When you think you should go out and do something to put yourself “out there”, just do it and don’t allow yourself to negotiate all the options and such.

    If anything you will get some new material for the next Cantankerous.

  • Bigger, longer and uncut means you didn’t feel like editing the episode Sean said you recorded like 2 weeks ago right? haha. Don’t even bother editing episodes of Cantankerous. Just hit record and let Reed talk for an hour and we’ll be happy.

  • LOL
    I took that pix! (I think).

  • wow! I’ve never wanted to shoot myself in the ears before.


  • kris

    awesome human being

  • Karl Pilkington’s got nothing on Reed. Great stuff.

  • Falsk

    Oh hell yeah. Just in time for me to download and bring to my figure drawing class…! :D

  • WHAT THE HELL TOOK SO LONG!!! This is awesome. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • Paul Andrews

    Downloading it now, and looking forward to listening. You’ve gotta love Cantenkerous !

  • AdamH

    I fucken love cantankerous! Thank you, although my twitter question at the end was the lamest out of them. I do hope to see reed rockband vids!

  • Matt

    Great episode. It started out a little slow, but then Reed got rolling, feeling more comfortable, and brought the funny. Great job to Jay and Sean for channeling Reed’s insanity into a coherent podcast.
    Reed, what are you living off of these days without a job? Savings, goverenment assistance, mooching of frinds and family? Is your name on facebook “Reed Farrington”? I wanna be your friend, too.
    I’m sure the right one will come along that Reed’s just gonna sweep of her feet, with his huge Star Trek collection.

    To LOUIS:
    Go ahead.

  • The fact that this is the first time LOUIS has wanted to shoot his ears off means he is obviously a first time Cantankerous listener.

  • rob

    Now I’m waiting for more Catankerous Radio with DJ Reed Farrington.

    So much for that long intro to Across the Universe.

  • Falsk

    Hahaha, the DJ part was so incredibly hard not to laugh to. Reed Radio would be so wonderful.

  • Jeff

    I was wondering if Reed is a past victim of child abuse.

    Adam Carolla-era Loveline listeners will remember how Adam and Dr. Drew could always tell that the caller had a history of sexual abuse when the caller had a higher pitched/childlike voice. Here’s a quote from the Loveline wikipedia page:

    “The theory being that they have fielded so many calls by so many people that they could hear the specific problem in the caller’s voice and detect what events led to their present. Example:

    * Caller: I’m just depressed all the time.
    * Carolla: I can hear the little girl voice, Drew. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
    * Drew: My wife has my wallet. I’m good for the dollar.
    * Carolla: I’m going with…father, no no, a weird Uncle touched her at the age of…9.
    * Drew: I hear molestation too, but I’m going with kid-on-kid. This was someone she played with. Maybe a year or two younger.
    * Carolla: Caller?
    * Caller: My best friend in 3rd grade forced me to touch her repeatedly.

    Although this may seem callous, this serves to show people that their problems are not unique; hundreds of previous callers had the same problem and it manifested in a detectable way in their voices.”


    Reed’s my favorite guy on the show; hang in there bro!

  • Mason

    Reed should have had to introduce Death Cab for Cutie’s “I Will Posess Your Heart” with its four minute lead-in.

    What were the songs in this podcast? I liked both the intro and outro.

  • Bas

    As always an amazingly entertaining podcast, thanks guys!

  • Hey Mason: The intro song is ‘Midnight to Six Man’ by The Pretty Things. The outro is ‘The Crystal Cat’ by Dan Deacon.

  • I was just talking to Jay today. My student neighbours were moving away and were trying to get rid of their furniture by giving it away. So I snagged a bookshelf that was too heavy for me to carry, and I had to enlist Jay’s help. This is another money saving tip. Furnish your home with discarded student furniture. Though I wouldn’t recommend taking a mattress.

    Anyway, I mentioned to him that I’m waiting for someone to comment and lambaste Film Junk for hosting Cantankerous which has little to do with film; however, I did manage to talk about Terminators on this show.

    Thx for your kind comments everyone. And Jeff, that was an interesting comment you made about child abuse. It’s about as credible as the story that was going around that a high percentage of Trekkies are pedophiles! For the record, I have never been sexually abused. I am still waiting for puberty to kick in so that my voice will be less high pitched.

  • Mike

    Very entertaining episode. Reed is a real DJ. Just needs a little more experience in managing time.
    I’m still in search for Obama’s current opponent. Hope he gets his equal screentime on Leno :)

    Greets from Germany

    ps: Can’t wait to see Cribs feat DJ Reed

  • Liney

    Great episode.

    Reed, if you’re keeping such weird hours, you should should get some full spectrum daylight light bulbs (google them).

  • Oh, Matt, I forgot to answer you. Because of my miserly ways and never having had a girlfriend, I have enough savings to last me a while. Not sure if I ranted already on Cantankerous about this, but because I quit, I’m not entitled to any government assistance. If I had slacked off at work and made my employer permanently lay me off, then I would have qualified for unemployment insurance. My dad does give me a “care package” of food items whenever I visit him.

    Liney, for the sake of my mental health, I should probably look into those full spectrum daylight light bulbs, but I’m guessing they’re expensive. I already balk at getting the energy conservation bulbs. Regular light bulbs are being phased out. Eventually, I wonder if the environmental police will be able to enter homes with search warrants and charge fines for people who still use the older bulbs.

  • Dan Deacon’s MySpace page…..

  • John Locke

    Reed, did you plan out your retirement in advance like saved enough money to last you x number of years before your pension kicks in or was it just a spur of the moment thing? Another thing, I find it surprising that you own a house knowing you I would think that you’d consider a house waste of money, I think of you as more of a bachelors apartment kind of guy. Unless of course if you inherited the house. I think you should open a strip club in your house, it is something one should do when they have lots of time and the extra income is gonna be pretty sweet.

  • John, retiring was not a spur of the moment decision. I don’t want to get into details, but I live enough of a meager life to make retirement right now feasible.

    A house is an investment. Renting is not. But a bachelor’s pad is cool.

    I have a neon “Live Nuues” sign that Jay gave me. Yeah, the neon tubing isn’t bent right, so it says “Nuues” instead of “Nudes.” But I don’t think my residential zoning would allow a strip club. :-)

  • You should do a detailed Canktankerous of all the odd ways you have saved money over the years. No holding back, eating the leftovers at work, etc. It would be a internet sensation due to the world economy. You would be branded a hero (literally, hero would be branded on your ass) and women would love you and go out with you AND PICK UP THE TAB. O.k. now I’m getting ridiculous, the women would want you to spend the saved money on them.

  • First day home from England and I find a new episode of my favourite show, nice!

    A really, really great show Reed and co. You really should just go with the raw, unedited cut. It really pissed me off in the first couple of shows where you went overboard with the editing, Jay!

    Also, I don’t see how you keep on misunderstanding Reed with every other thing he says, usually it makes sense and it seems like you just act like you don’t get it for comedic value.

    Looking forward to the next show, which hopefully won’t be too far into the future?

    P.S. Reed you rule, the ladies should be swarming you!

  • Paul Andrews

    Good idea Rus; a Reed Farrington Credit Crunch special. How about another episode after the Monday night Trektacular ? Thanks for the podcast guys; pure gold.