Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead Trailer

One of the recurring things I hear when I speak with people about film, after expressing my lack of knowledge concerning a particular favourite, is that I’ve lost all credibility. This came up again recently, so I decided it might be a good idea to find out the extent of my ignorance by listing some of the acclaimed movies I have yet to see. While I was jotting them down, Sean sent me a link to the trailer for Wrong Turn 3 and asked if I had any insight into it. Insight. Into Wrong Turn 3. I realized where I had been going wrong and threw my guilt list away! Who needs to watch Lord of the Rings when you’re considered an authority on the Wrong Turn series?

I have no idea whether the movie will be any good, and considering director Declan O’Brien has been tapped to helm The Little Shop of Horrors remake I suspect he’s got some chops, but this trailer is shit. There’s no hook, no build-up, and no hint of characterization. It’s just an f/x reel spoiling at least three or four kills. Having watched it a few times it appears that a few of the victims are wearing orange jumpsuits. If some of them are escaped convicts, and they have to band together with a bunch of horny teens to fight against inbred redneck cannibals, why not emphasize that fact? That’s awesome! Has the trailer enticed you back into the woods for more?

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  • Itchy-Finger

    Wintle, I have still been on the fence about you ever since you started posting at Filmjunk. I can say though that after this post, I am on your side. Post a link where I can get a, “I”m with Wintle” T-shirt. I want one, I want to join the club.

  • Thanks! That made my weekend.

  • Huy

    ‘Coming soon’ is not good enough! i want a specific date! D;

  • PeeturDCF

    I quite enjoyed the first two in a straight to video sort of way. So naturally, I’d like to own the third part for my ever growing collection of cult horror DVDs, yo!