Rodriguez To Reboot Predator Franchise


Robert Rodriguez dropped some pretty big news today as he announced his slate of upcoming projects, including Machete, Nervewrackers, The Jetsons, Sin City 2 and, wait for it, a Predator reboot. With so many movies in the work I wonder if Rodriguez even has time to bleed.

While Predator isn’t one of my favourite movies, it does have a special place in my heart as the first R-rated film I snuck into. So it’s surprising that the news of this so-called reboot doesn’t really faze me. Based on the title change alone it’s obvious this is going to be quite different from the original, and the concept lends itself to stand-alone installments. I can just imagine this being yet another Predator movie, not a replacement for the first one, like how the recent Friday The 13th remake was practically a sequel. I guess it’s too early to tell, but in a way I’m excited to see Predator finally get another solo film two decades after the last one. Anyone else up for another slice of Predator action, and do you think Rodriguez is the man for the job?

  • I’m not going to say anything because I know Robert reads FilmJunk and is going to work hard and make a great film.

  • Ian

    Well I’m no fan of the approach but I bet Rodriguez can hammer these flicks out on the cheap with his green screen and cyke everybody up. Seriously though what’s this shit with reboots. I say expand a story OR accept the Post-Modern dilemma of no new tale to tell and write some kind of Predatoresque film Really the reboot is about the name so it’s an attempt to draw in the people that liked the original but it doesn’t make sense that people who liked the original would just want to see a bad version of that movie OR in best case scenario virtually the same movie.

  • Confused by the Rodriquez movie aggro that has only culminated in a crappy-looking kids flick about a rainbow marble!

  • If anyone can do it, it’s Robert Rodriquez.

    I do love the original (it was AA here, and my Dad took me when I was pretty young). What bumps Predator from just an action flick to be a really enjoyable re-watch film is the characters and how they were all so compelling and different from each other. Almost has what we now see as a heist film setting up with everyone having such specific roles. I wonder if they will keep that as part of the film or if it will mostly be blowing stuff up / hunting stuff down.

  • I hate to be “that guy” but if they change the essential look of the character I’m out. I’m too invested in the Predators as is to start to dig a totally new alien.

  • bullet3

    Being a huge, huge fan of the original, I really hope they either go ahead with this, or at least make a 3rd avp movie, set it in space, and have it not suck.

    My few problems with rodriguez are this:

    A. He has like 10 movies lined up right now, so this isn’t likely to get off the ground for awhile.

    B. He’s upsessed with that fucking green-screen technology. Predator needs to be shot on-location in a fucking jungle, he’s never filmed anywhere remotely exotic like that before.

    C. He’s too obsessed with homages and “wink-wink” film-making, which absolutley does not belong in a predator movie. The closest thing to a totally serious movie of his is probably desperado, and even that had some of that stuff.

    Still, I think he’s a pretty solid film-maker and I have no doubt that he would do his best to respect the source-material. He’s certainly a huge step up after the last couple movies.

  • swarez

    Apparently he wrote the screen play many years ago and basically approached it like Aliens did to Alien by calling it Predators, i.e. more predators.

  • 1138

    Not a big fan of Rodriguez and would not be my first choice for Re-imagining the Predator Franchise. Love the first and still do but the following movies sucked.

    Robert is to obsessed with doing movies on the cheap and in some ways look cheap. That’s great for his kid movies and his Desperado series but for something like the Predator…well it demands some cool rethinking and creativity. Things that Rodriguez has yet to demonstrate to me.

  • Robert Rodriguez iam one of your bigest fans ever i just whant to say all your movies are great and i think that you takeing predator to the next level is great becuse i have seen Predator it was one the that i snake into too.
    your a great director and you have given me the reson to levie again.

    Sore about the Spelings.

  • Romeo

    i seriously think Rodriguez will do a good job with this one, the Predator really does need a reboot, AVP and AVP 2 killed it for me. ppl say theyr mad at the casting, but seriously, brawn isnt wat killed the first predator. not even close. Rodriguez is being creative and im sure its gonna pay off