Weird Web Wednesdays: You Can Call Me Tony ‘Murder and Mayhem’ Danza

LUCCCYYYY, IIITTTT’SSSS WEEENDDNESSDAYAYAYAYA!!!! I think I’m going to start doing theme videos once and a while, so I’ll kick it off this week with people video taping themselves playing along to or covering Paul Simon’s ‘You Can Call Me Al’. Definitely must see shit. I’ve also included some other great hits and misses, including Tony Danza shit-talking a news broadcast pre-interview, not knowing his mic was on the whole time. All for your enjoyment! DIG IN!

You Can Call Me Al by Igor Presnyakov

You Can Call Me Al by Neil Allen (Bongos)

You Can Call Me Al Bass Solo Instructional

Russian School Black Metal Class Presentation

Jones’ Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage

Co*k Sucker Reporter Blooper

Ultra Slo-Mo Sneeze Commercial

Sneezing In Ultra Slow Motion – Watch more Funny Videos

Walk the Walk (with Jesus)

The Ayds Diet Plan

Billy Bob Discusses Radio Interview on Jimmy Kimmel

Human in Realistic Wolf Costume Plays With Kitten