Live Action Ninja Turtles Reboot Announced for 2011


Well we kind of knew that there was some substance to the previous rumours of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, but now finally it is official: a brand new live action TMNT movie has been announced and is currently aiming for a 2011 release. According to Variety, the movie will be produced by The Mirage Group with funding from Lightbox Productions, and will focus “on the origins of the iconic crime fighters”. I can already see the posters now… “Cowabunga Begins”.

The announcement comes as part of the 25th Anniversary Shell-ebration for the Turtles, which will involve screening the original 1990 film at the Tribeca Film Festival, and also lighting the Empire State Building “turtle green”. Here’s what has me pretty excited about this project: producer Scott Mednick (300, Superman Returns) is currently also producing Spike Jonze’s Where the Wild Things Are, and apparently they are thinking about using the same face replacement technology “which would allow the turtles to be much more expressive”. With that in mind, it seems a lot more likely that they will still be able to use actors in suits for the majority of the film, as opposed to doing the turtles completely as CG characters like some had feared. I am pretty excited about the possibilities here. What do you think about a new live action TMNT movie? Who would you like to see in the director’s chair?

  • I’d like to see myself in the director’s chair. It would be cool to direct the live-action version of my favorite childhood franchise 20 years later. It needs to be PG-13 and have Baxter Stockman or something.

  • Great announcement. To me, the Ninja Turtles are and will always be those live-action movies. Can somebody call up Robert Van Winkle!?

  • Jp Cate

    As much as we are growing wary with all the fan fare as of late of popular remakes, it’s refreshing to hear that with the right production elements this franchise may not be doomed to the bung hole of redundancy. As with Hellboy II and the highly anticipated Where the Wild Things ARE, the right balance of costume design and practical effects with the reinforcement of CGI as icing on the cake, the future of live-action fantasy/creature movies could be moving in a much more creative and ultimately satisfying direction. I can’t help but be concerned however, as my childhood memories hang so delicately in the hands of hollywood producers, with the previous effort in the franchise being no more appealing than the cellophane wrap on a out of date twinkie and equally as artificial.

  • M. Night Shyamalan
    Sam Mendes
    Alexander Payne

  • The most recent animated movie was so good! I hope this one doesn’t suck.


    Best comic-to-movie adaptiation EVER.

    God, I LOVE being a TURTLE!!!

  • “…face replacement technology”


    this has a lot of potential. should be good if done right.

  • bejwi

    Make it dark and have it directed by Tim Burton.

  • if they are going to make a live action movie of teenage mutant ninja turtles in 2011 why not call that tmnt 4 not tmnt 5

  • cody

    you NEED to involve the guys from the have a true understanding of what this movie needs to be

  • Vivian


  • JOe

    YAY! more turtles rocks. And to the idiot that siad to have Tim Burton direct it, Yea, ok lets let tim Burton take yet another amazing peice of Nerdom that helped us poor people with bad intrapersonel skills, make it through our akward teen years and take a giant shit all over it! very good. Shouldn’t you be scetching naked goth art and checking on your Vampire in the second life universe instead of looking up turtles news?


    Yooooo Blood! Its 2011 wtf is taking yall so long to release my dudes! Im a grown ass militant stern man & i will forever love those “Toitles” as Bebopp & Rocksteady would say! The TMNT were a bright light in my life as a child they entertained me & taught me life lessons! Im looking forward to taking my son to go see the new TMNT movie no animated ish! Its time to pass down tradition i feel sorry 4 these kids nowadays their superheroes are buns! No action no storyline no one to be proud of no adventure no style no technique no real komedy!To keep it gangsta if my son kant kome with me the 1st day the movie drops im still gonna smoke some Donatello “GranddaddyPurp” & watch my homies ckleanup the foot klan as always i hope yall not stunting i need that seriousness of the first turtle movie with a new skool look dark ruff rugged and raw ya heard! We are tired of f***ing waiting we want the mean green machine at least by x-mas son whats popin yall stop making us fiend we ready u see how much i typed! E/S G-SHINE DAMUS EONJ