Danny McBride Learning To Skateboard


For many people, Eastbound & Down left us far too soon. Thanks to the fine people at the Sundance Institute, you can salve your wounds with a short video starring Danny McBride in which he takes a day off work to shred.

There are numerous other shorts available as well, including an ode to slapstick comedy by the filmmakers behind Little Miss Sunshine and a take on the commercialization of revolutionaries by the director of Fast & Furious. Check them out and let us know what you think here. Thanks for the hook-up, Kurt!

  • Danny “One Trick Pony” McBride, seriously does this guy ever even try to do another character?

  • Don’t even go there Rus. First of all, this was made at the top of his career when he hadn’t done much. Second of all, comedians don’t really have to change up there “characters” per say. All that matters is that they do them in different films, which he does. Plus he did a different character in Observe and Report.

  • watch more Peter Sellers, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Sacha Baron Cohen and learn something. Until McBride shows ANY range he is one trick. His character in O & R is Kenny Powers in a hair net. His character in Tropic Thunder is Kenny Powers with explosives. I’m not saying he can’t do it, but there is no evidence he is willing to try.

  • I’ve seen plenty of Peter Sellers, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy and SBC. They change up characters but i’m saying that it’s not important because it can still work if the movies fresh.

  • Captain N

    Im alright with him playing Kenny Powers in every movie he’s been in.