Turkish Rambo Punches His Way Onto DVD


It’s rare that you get insight into what other people think of you. In my case, Sean sent me an announcement that the Turkish version of Rambo is being released on DVD with the intention that I would write a post about it. My life is an open book.

In the crowded world of international cinematic rip-offs, the Turkish film industry was able to rise above the rest by pilfering not only plots and characters, but even music and entire scenes from their inspiration. If Turkish Star Wars is what we can look forward to with the eventual disintegration of copyright law, the sooner the better. Even if you’re not looking forward to this particular release, if you have any interest in cult movie I recommend this interview with Turkish Rambo distributor Dark Maze Studios on how the strange tale of how this DVD came to be. My only hope is that the tampering done to the sound effects was restricted to the trailer and not the movie itself. Can anyone else name a rip-off of a film that they consider better than the original?