Moby And David Lynch Shot In The Back Of The Head

Moby’s upcoming album was inspired in part by a speech by David Lynch on freedom in creativity, so it only makes sense that he would get the director to contribute the video for the first single.

I admit I was put-off by the crude animation at first, but after watching it a few more times I warmed up to the scratchy noir aesthetic. It’s like Lynch’s life work distilled into a three minute meditation on loss and hysteria, filtered through the work of Harry Stephen Keeler, David Goodis and Michael Kupperman. For all those Lynch fans, how do you feel this fits in his oeuvre?

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  • big Lynch fan here. I really hope this was just a motion storyboard for a “proper” video to come. The crude animation style worked for stuff like “Dumbland” but not for this I guess. In the back of my mind I’m afraid that this might be another sign that Lynch can’t pull off real good stuff these days.

  • In case you might be interested, Wintle, here’s the story behind that video:

  • Kris

    thats really great moby. that video and interview was interesting yet mildly retarded.

  • Thanks for the interview, Davidchili.

  • Not a fan of Moby but I am a fan of Lynch. I think the video really fits the music.

  • Ian

    Since we are talking about a product this seems like a waste of perfectly good Lynch. The music is mediocre and the animation is like something from a 1st year Cal Arts student. It is C- level. I enjoy both Lynch and Moby. I don’t know a slow push into the face of a homeless man watching people board a busy subway or something like that would have been more interesting.

  • TheAllKnowingGod

    Well it’s better than Inland Empire at least.

  • Ten

    Moby is great, I’ve been a huge fan of his music for a few years. Apart from him offering his music free of charge to non-commercial projects, he is also holding a contest for a music video for his latest track – Wait For Me. A lot of interesting entries. But, to me, since Moby and cartoons/comics always go hand in hand, i particularly like this one

    If you like some of the videos, and think you might want to see a couple of them on TV as official moby vids, go ahead and cast a vote:-)