Billy Bob Thornton Booed Offstage in Toronto, Cancels Remainder of Canadian Tour


As we all know, Canadians are generally pretty polite and harmless folks. Most of the time you can make fun of us and we’ll just feel happy to be included… heck, we might even join in. But when you act like a spoiled and ungrateful jackass on our public radio and call us “mashed potatoes with no gravy”, well, you’re going to run the risk of having the entire country at your throat.

Billy Bob Thornton found this out the hard way after his self-sabotaging interview on CBC Radio went viral across the internet on Thursday, and fans later booed him and his band The Boxmasters offstage while opening for Willie Nelson at Massey Hall that night. The Boxmasters then proceeded to cancel the rest of their Canadian tour dates, giving the lame excuse that one band member and several crew members were down with the flu. It’s hard to say whether or not this will affect the band’s popularity back in the U.S., but I’d say the Billy Bob backlash is in full effect right now. If he’s smart he’ll come out and apologize soon, or risk having a P.R. nightmare on his hands. What do you think, are the internet and media helping to keep a celebrity in his place, or did they blow this situation way out of proportion?

  • rick

    i think anyone would be pissed at the “potatos” comment. He dissed the countrymen and they let him know how they felt about that. I’m more surprised that cannada had the courage to stand up for themselves.

  • I think the potatoes without the gravy is meaning that Canadian audiences are just plain and boring. Has nothing to do with their starch content.

    As for the cancel, I thought it was because the band was sick. (LOL…ya ok!)

    As for Billy Bob, even IF he didn’t want to mention the acting thing, he could have just went with the flow instead of getting all defensive about it.

    I would have called him “Mr. Angelina Jolie”, but that’s just me.

  • I thought that his actions and comments on Q were distasteful and mean spirited. It’s one thing to joke and another to sound like you mean it and he certainly sounded like he meant it. I’m happy to see that the public has responded accordingly.

  • If Canadians are mash potatoes without the gravy, then Billy Bob Thornton is a southern lemon custard that is way to tart and ‘turns’ at the slightest criticism from the restaurant patrons and runs back to the kitchen.

    My Top Chef obsession is finally starting to pay off!

  • swarez

    Shame on you bacon eating weed somkin “eh?” saying bastards for making Billy Bob sad.
    Now go to your rooms.

  • AdamH

    I think after this its time for another Top 5 of “Best/ worst celebrity PR blunders!”
    Fuck I miss the Top 5 segment!

  • Saully

    Tom Petty wouldn’t have canceled.

  • Glendon

    I have pretty much the same reaction for this as I did for the Christian Bale thing. It was a dick thing to do and the crowd has every right to chew him out, but I don’t really care, nor am I offended. I’ll still enjoy Friday Night Lights.

  • Goon

    “I think after this its time for another Top 5 of “Best/ worst celebrity PR blunders!”
    Fuck I miss the Top 5 segment!”

    I second this. Do this on the next show.

  • Bryronic

    I think there’s a larger problem with Billy Bob: lately he’s making crappy movies, and now he’s trying to cover that up by being in a band, only to realize that nobody gives a crap about him anymore. seriously…has this guy been anything but a sound-bite or paparazzi-shot in the last 5 years?

  • “Tom Petty wouldn’t have canceled.”

    Ladies and gentleman we have a winnner! Nicely done.

  • Sly

    Billy Bob Thornton certainly knows how todays public is always informed – so it was pretty stupid of him to be insulting. Canadians are a cool people to teach that “star” a lesson.

  • The mashed potato comments seems odd. In the context I read it, if Canada is mashed potatoes without gravy, then I love Canada without question. I’m not really sure what Billy Bob’s deal was that day. He’s playing music with Willie Nelson, he should be pretty happy. I wonder what Willie thinks about all of this.

  • Malcolm T Grindhouse

    Well any publicity is good publicity. Becouse now he is being talked about again. This is the most attention he has got scince he was last married.

  • hoffamania

    can’t wait for the south park episode with Terrance and Phillip to mock this…

  • Awesome.

  • Billy Bob is still awesome though.

  • Leaf Nation

    Re: comment #1

    If you’re surprised a group of Canadians chewed out an american who just insulted them, you need to get out more. Back around 1993, the maple leaf was raised upside down during the world series. There was nearly a nationwide riot, politicians called for calm and the fans in Toronto booed the american anthem. All ’cause one of you raised our flag the wrong way up.