The Macho Movie Review Episode #19: Ong Bak 2


For those of you not familiar with The Macho Movie Review, it was a podcast devoted to sword and sandal movies that originally appeared on The Movie Blog. Believed to be lost to the mists of time and legend, only one movie could bring the team of Billy, Nagy and Wintle out of retirement; Ong Bak 2.

As an added bonus, we discuss which weapons we would most want to wield in gladiatorial combat, and our favourite type of goat. The answers may surprise you! We would be delighted to field any questions should we ever reunite for another podcast. Mail can be sent to Enjoy, and may the blood on your sword be the blood of a king!

» Related Link: The Macho Movie Review #19 (MP3, 65 MB)

  • Which weapon you would most want to wield in gladiatorial combat? What a stupid question!

    Two words: “Flying Guillotine”

    What movie is the picture above from. I want to buy 10 copies of the DVD based solely on the mind-blowing awesomeness of that picture alone.

  • Whoops… Ong Bak 2. Got it. Heh heh.

  • The Flying Guillotine is fucking sweet.

  • Are there links to the first 18 episodes?

  • swarez

    Ong Bak 2 kicked me in the balls and stole my girlfriend.

  • If you go to and search for ‘macho movie review’ most of them should pop up. Hero From Rome is a good one.

  • When I saw the signoff in the post I knew something was wrong. Buddha be praised my fucking ass.

    Favorite goats is awesome. I am fond of this episode, Gloves of Power ftw.

  • I hope I did not fuck up your name too badly, Henrik. Nihilist is not my primary language.

    I am glad your disgust with our new sign-off did not dampen your enjoyment of the overall podcast. We decided that with a new home, different intro and alternate movie selections we may as well go all out and change the sign-off as well.

  • doug nagy


  • “Nihilist is not my primary language.”


  • Pr1mal

    Hopefully you’ll make FilmJunk the new for home for MMR. Wintle, if you do make it a monthly or quarterly thing, like Cantankerous, that would be awesome.

    Can you also explain to the new listeners about your rating system though? I am too lazy to browse a movie site that sucks to find out.

  • By a strange coincidence, I’m sitting here at the Pacific Mall with a copy of Ong Bak 2 that I just purchased. I guess I’ll be giving my swear-free, kid friendly review of Ong Bak 2 in Killer Imports soon.

  • Shut-Up Ed, you make Wintles loving jab seem venomous.

  • Thank you.

  • You’re right, Pr1mal, we should have mentioned it on the podcast. obviously we got caught up in the moment. The score is out of 9 hydra heads. The more heads, the better. So our scores for Ong Bak 2 are 9/9 for Billy and Nagy, and 8/9 for me.

    That’s hilarious, Reed. I always forget how much unnecessary swearing I deliver. Billy and Nagy are positively demure in comparison. I look forward to your review.

    And some of my best friends are Nihilists.

  • How can you be best friends with a Nihilist… Zey care about na-ting!

    “Vee believe in na-ting, Lebowski. Na-ting”

    Anyway, did anyone choose the Flying Guillotine for use in Gladitorial Combat? I realize it’s not a traditional Gladitorial weapon… but I mean, come on! How are you going to f*ck with a Flying Guillotine???

    Both: “Those who are about to die salute you”
    Me: “Nice sword”
    You: “Thanks, is that a Flying Guillotine?”
    Me: “Yeah”
    You: “Oh sh*t!”
    Me: “Hay-oop!”
    You: “….” (can’t say anything – no head)


  • Dang, I feel like the last man on earth who hasn’t seen OB2 yet.

  • Pr1mal

    Saw it tonight, fucking awesome.

  • Josh

    There was a weapon used in this movie and I am trying to figure out what it is called. It was a set of metal rings on a chain and it was on the mans arm like a bracelet. He punched and they extended to hit a guy in the face. It was used in the fight scene where they were saving the kid from the alligator pit.

    Help Please! What is the name of that weapon.

  • jbomb

    there called shaolin rings. the man was a kung fu master and the style he was practitioning was that of the shaolin fist.pretty awesome eh

    Oh and hands down awsomest worrior in the movie, the smocking bomb master.

  • Henrik

    This needs to be made available or else the gods will have no mercy.