Robert Rodriguez’s Shorts Trailer


With all the projects that have been rumoured to be on Robert Rodriguez’s plate over the past couple of years (Sin City 2 and 3, Barbarella, Red Sonja, Nerverackers, The Jetsons), it’s kind of hilarious that the next thing we will get to see from Rodriguez on the big screen is actually one of his patented on-the-cheap family films. I’m sure it’s not exactly what most people would like to see from him right now, but there are certainly much worse things out there. I did like the first Spy Kids movie quite a bit (I haven’t seen the others in their entirety), and Shorts looks like it could be fun too.

With a cast that includes Kat Dennings, Leslie Mann, James Spader and William H. Macy, the movie is about an 11-year-old kid named Toe Thompson who gets hit in the head with a rainbow-coloured rock. He soon realizes that the rock can grant his every wish, which immediately starts causing havoc in town. Unfortunately for him, the grown-ups also want to get their hands on the rock, which could lead to even more disastrous consequences. Like most of Rodriguez’s kiddie flicks, the CG effects look pretty low budg, but overall the movie seems colourful and energetic. What do you think, is this something you’d actually see? Shorts hits theatres on August 7th.

  • ProjectGenesis

    A chick bully? Did Reed write this movie?

  • I’d see it if they paid me the cost of admission + free popcorn… And didn’t expect me to stay for the whole thing. This guy should really focus on starting/fisihing Red Sonja!

  • 1138

    God is this looks bad even for a kid movie. I’ve never been impressed with Rodiguez’s work but I am impressed with his entrepreneurial and independent moviemaking spirit. However I won’t see his movies based on that alone.

    Not looking toward Sonja if he is directing.

  • more crap from the craptastic master, he does everything but not one thing well.

  • theDia

    Hmmh, I dunno. You can flame me for it, but up to now I really liked all of Rodiguez`s movies – even the kiddie stuff. Maybe because I have a now 12 year old daughter.

    When watching something like SpyKids or LavaBoy with her I can see that RR did everything absolutly right. And even if she can´t understand english at all, she liked this new trailer also.

  • I really can’t understand why he makes these! A quick buck? Perhaps he thinks people won’t critique these so harshly (because they are ‘just kid’s movies’) and he rushes them out for a paycheck…that doesn’t work for me. Star Wars is a kid’s movie. Just because its for kid’s doesn’t mean it should be a turd.

    Honestly, I really don’t mind. RR has never been a great director and is only as good as the script in front of him.

  • swarez

    Woah! Welcome to Hateville, population you guys!

    This looks pretty entertaining and goofy, better than Spy Kids and the CGI is pretty good for a, I’m sure, a low budget film. He knows how to use it properly.
    Sad to see how you guys act like he owes you something.

  • I give him criticism to the same degree popular culture and fanboys hold him up as a symbol of young progressive independent filmmaking. its bullshit! yes he is self made and does it his way, I applaud him for that, but he makes shitty movies that have no third act and have lazy production values.

    like Kevin Smith he is his own worst enemy. Kevin doesn’t trust anyone but his high school buddies and Robert is so consumed with doing everything that all the parts get watered down. Robert, if you get tired of working on scripts and don’t want to get the story right – hire a screenwriter cheapass. If you don’t want to spend the time to make CG to be sensible and be tight – give the responsibility to a qualified art director cheapass!

  • swarez

    Better yet, stop watching his movies if they piss you off so much. Problem solved.

  • i have to watch, i have to, i tried to turn away but i can’t…help me

  • Matt

    I just realized something about myself: I hate children.

  • Bob The Slob

    hey rus, you are better then all of us. We get it.

  • my bad, I didn’t realize FilmJunk is a circle jerk were you can’t bring up valid criticism about a director. Replace Robert Rodiguez’s name with Micheal Bay or Uwe Boll and everyone would be piling on, but don’t touch Robert he’s cool! He’s Rebel Without a Crew cool!

  • “I didn’t realize FilmJunk is a circle jerk…”

    That’s what I thought, too, but they said everyone had to go through initiation. No exceptions.

  • Bob The Slob

    Rus…why the attitude? I said you were better then everyone…it was a compliment. You know what is “good” and what is “bad.” Well done. Now if you will excuse me…both of my hands are needed for the circle jerk:


  • Jeez, relax guys, all Rus said is that he didn’t like Robert Rodriguez. I do think that people cut Rodriguez some serious slack. I wouldn’t go so far as to call him the “craptastic master”, but hey, that’s just me.

  • That’s the thing, I do like Robert Rodriguez, or I want to like him. I’ve followed him from day one and was inspired by his book. He is like that friend that you want to succeed and feel if he would just stop with a couple of the bad habits he could make it. I want Robert to just chill on the one man auteur thing and concentrate on making better films. He just seems to be this guy that is more about “throwing stuff on the wall and see if it will stick” then working to make the best film possible.

    I also wonder how Quentin Tarantino can bite his lip all the time and not give Robert shit.

  • Ironwill

    Very colorful and fun! I bet the kids are gonna love this flick! Great job Robert!!!!!!

  • Sly

    Having kids is great. A great excuse to go and watch this movie. And should I laugh out loud it’s only because of all the kids around me laughing….

    (in truth: I probably will enjoy this movie)