Film Junk Podcast Episode #214: Anvil! The Story of Anvil


0:00 – Intro
1:40 – Greg’s Wrestlemania Review
13:35 – Happy Town and Zomba
18:15 – Headlines: Wolverine Leak, Jackie Earle Haley is Freddy Krueger, Lots of Sequels
44:35 – What We Watched: Pink Flamingos, Pontypool, The Pool, Kung Fu Panda, The Quiet Earth
56:30 – Review: Anvil! The Story of Anvil
1:16:35 – Trailer Trash: Bruno
1:25:30 – Junk Mail: Fanboy Fridays, Michael Chiklis as Curly, HD-DVD and Blu-ray, Cloverfield 2, Reviewing Older Movies, Poutine
1:50:45 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:52:50 – Outro

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  • AdamH

    Somebody watched The Quiet Earth! I can’t wait to hear what you thought of it!

  • swarez

    Show is not working. File not found.

  • Bas

    Swarez, if you can’t wait for Sean to come to the rescue, this link works:

  • Goon

    *pins medal of honor on Bas*

  • swarez

    I also realized that you can listen to it on the player on the right.

  • Hilarious – Blockbusters released without Effects. Kinda like Garfield without Garfield ( as a surreal exercise, GwG is pretty sublime.

  • Fixed the link. Sorry about that. Thanks Bas.

  • The voicemail was gold.

  • I’m embarresed of Zomba now :), watch it aleast for the cameo’s guy’s. Doug Nagy is Satan!

  • I would also like to thank Sean, Jay, and Greg again for taking the time to record a cameo in this piece of shit! I really aprecciate it!

  • But seriously, i’m actually currently writing a REAL script and i’m starting to shoot it this weekend. No horrible shakey cam, no heads cut out of shots. Hopefully one day i’ll get my hands on a cool camera set up like Jay has! But until then I’ve gotta work with this little Flip Video Cam I got. I’m saving up money with a better camera though.

  • rus in chicago

    Drew, I listened to a couple of minutes of your podcast last night – I thought I was back in high school! Guys talking about if its possible to service themselves and telling your buddies to shut-up or your parents will wake-up. You should do whole shows late at night with whispers and watching DVDs forbidden by your parents – it would be hilarious!

  • @ Rus

    Thanks man! We actually recorded another one but I accidentally deleted it off of my computer. But your right though, I should of recorded what they thought after I showed them the original last house on the left or evil dead. :)

  • Drew, It would be great if you keep the times your mom comes in and yells at you to turn off the “devil machine computer and get to bed”. If you have a little sister, record her reaction to scary scenes you force her to watch. Record the planning, debate with parents and actual sneak-out to see R rated flicks. Ahhhhhh, those were the days, enjoy them my son. And of course give us the honest views and reviews of films and shit you and your buddies like.

  • Jay, On the Anvil and humor issue. I just recently read a Ricky Gervais interview on what makes people laugh:,0,3662172.story

    Basically, he believes that empathy is key to honest comedy. He gives the example of the first laugh was a bunch of cavemen laughing at another caveman stubbing his toe. They knew he didn’t mean too and can emapthize with him. Is this not the beauty of the humorous moments in Avil? We can laugh at their experience because we feel for their hanging on to a dream everyone gave up long ago.

  • There was a show on TV that wasn’t complex and like the watching a 80s show – The New Knight Rider and it was horrible.

  • Glendon

    Drew, that video was charming.

  • thank you glendon, as long as you enjoyed it in some sense i’m satisfied.

  • The magic of ANVIL is that it is totally heart warming and quite funny as well. That combination is really hard to pull of as well as this documentary does. I don’t think you are lacking in respect for these guys or what they do (or want to do) simply because you get a chuckle out of some of the more awkward moments in their lives.

    At the same time, the film has so many SPINAL TAP moments in there that the comparisons are more than simply a marketing gimmick. Half a dozen quite obvious references.

  • dom_g

    My top 3 Schwarzenegger films:

    Total Recall
    Last Action Hero

  • I wouldn’t download the Wolverine leak before the release, but I have to admit i’m very curious to see what it looks like without F/X. Can anyone link me to some non-spoilerific stills?

  • patrik

    any1 know what song that was in the voicemail?..fucking awesome voicemail by the way?

  • I wanna know the song as well.

    I also wanna know why this podcast cuts the end off now? I couldn’t relisten to the voicemail, and I needed a good laugh!