Hunter Prey Teaser Trailer = Star Wars Meets Predator?


Back in November we posted news about a throwback to late ’70s/early ’80s sci-fi/action films in development from Sandy Collora, the man responsible for one of the most well-known fan films of all time, Batman: Dead End. Titled Hunter Prey, it clearly draws influence from both Star Wars and Predator, along with Collora’s background in creature effects. A teaser trailer has just hit the web over at io9, and it looks like either a really low budget sci-fi flick or the most expensive fan film ever made, depending on your point of view.

The movie is about a group of “elite intergalactic commandos” who crash land on an unknown planet while transporting an alien prisoner. The prisoner escapes, and they must track him and bring him back alive. Okay, I’ll agree that the production design has a great old school look to it, but at the moment, the teaser trailer gives us very little else to go on. It’s just a bunch of people in Boba Fett armor walking around in sand with CG backgrounds. I’ll definitely give this a chance, but only because this is the same guy who did the poop monster for Kevin Smith’s Dogma. Apparently they’re hoping to show off Hunter Prey at Cannes, so it will be interesting to see if anyone picks it up for distribution. Check out the teaser trailer below and visit the film’s official website for more info.

  • IchigoNL

    This looks great.

  • Hunter Prey?

    Terrible name. Consider this thread hi-jacked. Think of a better name for this movie. My vote is:

    “Shablam: Monster Fight”

  • Bas

    Looks fun!

  • Derek

    Star Wars/Predator/Pitch Black.

    It does look like fun.

  • Pretty sure announcing you are hijacking a thread pretty much guarantees you wont.

    The title is fine. Looks like a great little film.

  • Movie looks fun. Title is terrible. Hunter Prey? Is it a play on words? Hunt or Pray? Truly wretched.

    Just awful.

    “Shablam: Monster Fight”

  • I wrote the first book about the history and future of fan films, Homemade Hollywood, which just came out in bookstores. It has a big chapter that is largely about Collora and what his fan films did (and didn’t) do for his career. It’ll be cool to see what he does with a full-length flick; having talked to him a bit about the project, he’s clearly dying to show that he what it takes–very passionate. Anyway, if you want to find out more about the world of fan films, you might want to check out my daily fan film blog,

  • Sly

    A full-length-almost-big-budget-fan-movie?
    Count me in.

    (and thanks Clive for the hint – I’ll check it out)

  • SciFi Fan

    I have to say I don’t understand all the excitement about the trailer… It looks pretty bad and cheap… From looking around, I understand the trailer was done a while back, hopefully, the movie will be better…