Gerard Butler’s Game Gets a New Title


Although I haven’t really been interested in anything that writer/director duo Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have produced so far (Crank, Pathology), I have to admit that their upcoming sci-fi action movie Game starring Gerard Butler has me intrigued. The basic idea revolves around a massively multiplayer game where players can control real humans and pit them against each other in battle. Although it reeks of Tron, The Running Man and Death Race (among others), I’m willing to give it a shot being the sci-fi junkie that I am.

An Italian trailer for the film turned up online last week, but it was pulled down rather quickly. Now this week we’ve received word that the movie has undergone a last minute name change. The new title? Citizen Game. Wow, are they actually playing on the name of a certain Orson Welles flick that is widely considered the best movie of all time? Ballsy. Well, even though I don’t like the new title, I think a name change was a good idea considering the blandness of the original and the difficulty it would present for web searches (not to mention the confusion with David Fincher’s own 1997 movie The Game). What do you think about the new title? Are you looking forward to this movie? I’m guessing we’ll see a proper trailer soon, probably in time to play with Crank: High Voltage two weeks from now.

  • cronenfly

    This is kind of interesting in that it could be a lot of fun, or just plain bad. It kind of reminds me of the X-Files episode “FPS” where Scully and Mulder investigate a murder within a virtual reality game. I wonder if there will be any sexy cowgirls in this one??

  • Haha yeah I remember that episode. Written by William Gibson, no less.

  • Primal

    Back in the day, when I played super mario bros. with my sister, I would jump off a cliff to let my sister have a turn. Although I don’t expect much, I hope they will have a scene where they intentionally commit suicide or any other inside jokes that gamers do, then I could actually enjoy it on some level. Citizen Lame might be good if it has the energy Crank had though. I actually liked that movie.