Empire Fan Favourites This Month: The Shining


Our friends at Empire Studio 8 Theatres in St. Catharines are continuing to screen 35mm prints of classic flicks on the last Friday of every month, but they can’t seem to make up their mind what to call it! First dubbed Fanboy Fridays, then Empire After Dark, the screening series has now been renamed to Empire Fan Favourites!

This month, voters once again chose another Stanley Kubrick film… the 1980 Stephen King adaptation The Shining. The details are as follows:

Empire Fan Favourites: The Shining
Fri. March 27th @ Midnight
Empire Studio 8 Theatres, Pen Centre, St. Catharines
Admission: $6.99

Buy tickets online here. For more info about future Fan Favourites screenings, join the Facebook Group, or contact Empire Theatres at 905-682-8843. Remember, if you don’t show up, you can’t vote for next month’s selection!

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  • Bas

    For those that have not yet seen the romcom-trailer:
    A testament to the power of editing & music…

  • Thats great. The Shinning is still one of the all time best movies on my list. It has a great combination of craziness and back door comedy.

  • Mason

    Since I’m not in the St. Catharines area, I rented the DVD this weekend and watched The Shining for the first time. While I thought the film was well produced and well-acted, the screenplay adaptation was a letdown. I was too busy trying to figure out what was going on and what the ghosts’ motivations were to really be scared. And you never really find out, but I guess could interpret it any number of ways. I could really see how Kubrick had an influence on David Lynch, with all those random confusing moments that are never explained.