Tom Hanks to Star in Major Matt Mason Movie?


Looks like Tom Hanks is going to be putting on a space suit again for the first time since Ron Howard’s 1995 film Apollo 13. The difference this time around is that the movie won’t be based on a true story, but rather, a Mattel toy line from the 1960s! According to Variety, Hanks is attached to star in a live action movie based on the Major Matt Mason toys, featuring a team of astronauts who work on the moon and live in a space station.

Universal Pictures have hired Graham Yost (Speed, Broken Arrow, Boomtown) to write the script. In addition to his action movie experience, Yost has also written episodes of From the Earth to the Moon, the Tom Hanks-produced HBO series about the Apollo space missions, and also the 2000 Brian De Palma film Mission to Mars. I’m not sure I understand this current wave of movies based on retro toys (last month a Stretch Armstrong movie was also announced). Is this all stemming from the success of Michael Bay’s Transformers? Something tells me there’s a little more behind the widespread appeal of Transformers than just a popular toy line. Either way I’m always down for a movie about astronauts, I’m just curious how to see realistic it will be, or if it will have a fantasy/sci-fi element to it. Thoughts? At least Reed Farrington is excited, right?

Photo credit: John Eaton

  • paum

    I hope they re-release the toys when the movie comes out. I remember having one when I was a kid.

  • You’d think I’d get a credit for that photo of my MMM flight card used in this article or something.

  • Done.

  • Tiki Fink

    Super cool idea. I too hope they re- relase the toys as I would love to have a brand new MMM. I have at least one of everything ever made for MMM and that would be so freakin great!!!!

  • maxsmodels

    I recently wrote a script for a Major Matt Mason movie. When I went to Mattel for the rights I received no reply. I guess now I know why.

    Imagine my surprise when I learned of the Hanks/Yost collaboration on this project. I am in the process of trying to contact Graham Yost to see if my script/ideas are of use.

    The timing of this is incredible but wife just says it is because great minds think alike.

  • ughh!…just when I thought I heard the last of the major matt mason jokes! All through high school in the 70’s I was called major matt. Must be a few hundred of us out there.

  • Dirk Golden

    I’m 51 yrs old and still have all my MMM toys from when I was a kid !!

  • Jason Schultz

    Can hardly wait ! MMM was my fav toy when I was a kid.
    Got one on ebay in mint cond. And now to hear this good news ! Too cool !!

  • Kevin K


    Mattel could make a mint off us late-baby-boomers if they re-released the MMM line of toys.

  • emily

    you guys should check out item #110465426758 on ebay

  • tom hanks a free mason playing major matt mason?


  • Great Idea

    I also hope they re-release the toys….