Sleep Dealer Trailer

I’m not quite sure why I haven’t posted anything about Alex Rivera’s upcoming science-fiction film Sleep Dealer up until now. The movie certainly seems like something that should fall well within the realms of my personal interest, but I have to admit that neither this new trailer, nor the one that was previously released did a very good job at selling it. Regardless, I think I still have to see it based on the concept alone.

Sleep Dealer takes place in the not too distant future, where borders between countries are closed off and everything is controlled by corporations. Fortunately there is a global computer network through which people can communicate and actually extend their physical presence by “jacking in” and taking control of machines that are located elsewhere. This almost seems to take us back to the mid-’90s movies about virtual reality, but updates the idea and makes it seem a bit more believable. I’m still somewhat confused by what seem to be Robocop-esque satirical elements in the trailer, but the visuals certainly look intriguing. Either way, Sleep Dealer joins a growing line of brainy low budget sci-fi flicks that are being produced as of late, which I am excited about. The movie hits select theatres on April 17th; check out the trailer below and see what you think.

  • Looks like this could be terribly melodramatic, then that Robocop-esque commercial also leaves me confused about the tone.

    Its great that indies are bringing us intelligent sci-fi, but it’s a shame that the CG elements simply cannot compete.

  • Bas

    Very Philip K. Dick, looks nice but hate the voice-over.

  • NIK

    I saw Sleep Dealer at Sundance last year. It was really fantastic. Smart, funny, beautiful. Only the name is terrible.