Year One Trailer Starring Jack Black and Michael Cera

I’ve been anxious to see a proper trailer for the upcoming Harold Ramis comedy Year One (is it Year One or The Year One? IMDb says “The”), since the Super Bowl teaser was basically just a clip from the movie. This movie takes place during biblical times with Jack Black and Michael Cera playing members of a primitive tribe in search of something more. They set off on an “ancient road trip”, before eventually running into those pesky Romans.

While I’ve never been all that interested in a spoof of The Bible, the first full trailer for Year One reveals just how loosely they are playing with this concept. Black, Cera and the many other familiar faces are basically just playing themselves in loincloths. While I’m sure some will find this unappealing, personally I think it looks absolutely hilarious. A lot of the humour seems improvised and completely off the wall, and Black and Cera definitely seem to have good chemistry together. What do you think, is this going to be the best comedy of the summer? Year One hits theatres on June 19th.

  • swarez

    That was pretty funny. But then I really like Jack Black’s shtick and Michael Cera. Looks huge.

  • Matt

    This looks really funny. The production values look a little cheap, but it’s supposed to charm you and not blow your socks off visually. I’ve been sufficiently charmed.

  • I didn’t think I would agree with swarez and Matt on anything, especially humour, but it looks like we’ve found common ground on Year One. And Jay says I don’t have a sense of humour.

  • Bob The Slob

    Ramis always delivers.

  • Hannes

    Has Paul Rudd starred in every single comedy made in the last 5 years?

  • rus in chicago

    I laughed really hard on the line, “that’s interesting because I want you to sit on the poliest of polie”

    One of the funniest films of my childhood was Ringo Star’s Caveman, yes I’m old. This has all the same elements for good fun.

  • I’m so looking forward to this! This just might be 2009’s biggest comedy. *fingerscrossed*

  • rus in chicago, I was going to mention Ringo Starr’s Caveman, but then I realized that Year One is in a totally different time period. I’m not expecting dinosaurs to be in Year One. I know, dinosaurs didn’t live at the same time as cavemen in prehistoric times anyway, but dinosaurs were in Caveman. In my opinion, Caveman was a letdown when I saw it as a kid. It wasn’t funny at all to me. I wanted to like it because I was a Beatlemaniac.

  • rus in chicago

    what? blind man feeling a dinosaurs balls, the music making scene around a campfire, the big dinosaur egg fried on a lava pit, big boobed women in fur bras CAVEMAN was cinematic gold to an thirteen year old!

  • Jay Beezy

    I don’t think this will be the funniest comedy of the summer. I think that honor is going to Judd Apatow’s own Funny People.

  • yvette l

    seeing the trailor, I think this movie is so funny, I cant wait till it comes out!!!