Knowing Review

Directed by: Alex Proyas
Written by: Ryne Pearson, Juliet Snowden, Stiles White, Stuart Hazeldine, Alex Proyas
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Chandler Canterbury, Rose Byrne, Lara Robinson, Nadia Townsend

Back in the late ’90s, Alex Proyas was a director that had earned himself a lot of admirers. He had two dark and visually stunning cult hits under his belt with The Crow and Dark City (the latter of which Roger Ebert continues to sing the praises of to this day), before he threw everyone a curve ball and he went in a completely different direction with the rock n roll coming of age movie Garage Days. He followed that with the disappointing Will Smith action sci-fi blockbuster I, Robot. Suddenly no one knew what to think of the guy anymore.

Five years later, Proyas has returned to his sci-fi/horror roots with a movie called Knowing, but with the plot shrouded in mystery and Nicolas Cage in the lead role, there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding the project. Could it possibly be a return to form for this talented filmmaker, or would it prove to be just another Nicolas Cage dud in the vein of Next, Ghost Rider or (god forbid) The Wicker Man? Well, although it’s no Dark City, let’s just say that the impending disaster that a lot of people predicted never actually comes to pass.

The movie opens in the year 1959, with an elementary school preparing to bury a time capsule containing predictions of the future as drawn by the students. One little girl is not drawing a picture, however. Instead she is furiously scribbling a series of strange numbers on the page, seemingly possessed. Fifty years later, the time capsule is opened and her scribblings end up in the hands of Caleb Koestler (Chandler Canterbury), son of astrophysicist John Koestler (Nicolas Cage). He has recently lost his mother in a tragic fire, and thinks that there may be some sort of puzzle in the numbers. His father thinks otherwise, until one night, after a few drinks he happens to notice a pattern in amongst the randomness: a list of major catastrophes around the world and the number of people who died in them. Even more alarming is the fact that not all of them have happened yet.

Needless to say, the first half of Knowing starts down a fairly predictable path where he tries to warn people but no one believes him; meanwhile his son starts to see eerie visions and hear whispers that are somehow connected. There are a handful of plot points that seem a little too convenient, and some familiar elements from other movies we’ve seen many times before, but the mystery continues to drive things forward.

Eventually there comes a point where the movie really throws down the gauntlet and proves that it might have something new to offer after all. You may have seen clips or heard about a certain plane crash scene in the movie, and all I can say is wow… this intense single-shot sequence of visual effects mastery could be on par with some of the more visceral continuous scenes in Alfonso Cuaron’s Children of Men. The movie actually has a few other jaw-dropping special effects set pieces that follow, many of which seem to have been withheld from trailers and commercials in order to avoid spoilers. It may actually be worth seeing the movie for these alone.

From here on in, the movie changes course and hurtles off in some unexpected directions, and you’ll either come along for the ride or find it a little too preposterous to process. Personally, I was hooked at this point, thanks in large part to the skillful direction of Mr. Alex Proyas. What Knowing reminded me of most was a really solid M. Night Shyamalan movie — not Lady in the Water or The Happening, but something harkening back to Signs and The Sixth Sense. I realize that this won’t be a selling point for everyone since Signs had its share of detractors, but the important point is that the atmosphere and suspense tend to override the thin logic in most cases. There is some really creepy imagery in this flick (what is it with Proyas and pale skinned people in dark trench coats?), and an overwhelming sense of dread that stems from a powerful score by Marco Beltrami.

The movie’s main weakness is, as expected, Nicolas Cage. With someone else in the lead role, this probably could have been a much more well-rounded film. Instead, we have to put up with Cage’s odd moments of overacting, where he fails to fully sell the half-crazed man who is shaken by the things he has seen, but also lays on the cheese during some of the more heartfelt moments with his son. It’s not nearly as bad a performance as some of his previous films, but it’s definitely inconsistent at best. The good news is there is one fun scene where he hits a tree with a baseball bat and challenges, “You want some?”. Believe me, it’s gold.

Fortunately, Cage’s cornball delivery does not ruin the movie. There are bigger things at work here. Knowing is a surprisingly effective (if somewhat disposable) thriller, one that requires a little imagination, but also one that doesn’t end up where you expect it to. (Trust me when I say that that this movie has very little resemblance to either Next or The Number 23.) If you’re the type of person who needs every loose end tied up and every little nuance explained, then Knowing may irk you. But considering that we’ve been subject to so many poor paint-by-numbers supernatural thrillers over the past few years, seeing one that is this enjoyable and this competently made is definitely a pleasure to behold. I don’t know if I’d say Alex Proyas has quite redeemed himself with Knowing, but at this point, he’s definitely back on my radar. — Sean

SCORE: 3 stars

Recommended If You Like: Signs, Dark City, Close Encounters of the Third Kind

  • Caleb

    Thought the movie was pretty good. Seems that you either hate it or love it. If you think this is a depressing movie, wait till 2012 comes out.

  • HooplaTec


    OK, here’s a movie that’s on my “Best of the Year” list, and I rarely have a big list!

    How many movies do you see that just seems to be eye candy action adventure genre where you come out of the theater thinking that you did not get you money’s worth? Too many. How about those where the trailers are better than the movie? Then there’s docu-dramas per 911, President Bush, or really cheap movies where it seems like that they spent more on the DVD case than the movie!

    Tons of overrated crap is released for our viewing pleasure. So when something comes along that even half-way does it for us, then it’s definitely worth mentioning. “Knowing” goes a lot farther than half-way, but not all the way.

    What was missing?

    It wasn’t the director Alex Proyas. He is certainly well known for his previous efforts and knows how to put a story on the big screen. The pace was mostly tight, the action in your face, the lighting suspenseful, and he got the best from his ensemble cast.

    It wasn’t Marco Beltrami’s music. Here’s another great talent that knows how to raise the hair on the back of our necks with an orchestra instead of a chain saw!

    It wasn’t Nicolas Cage. Really! I’ll tell you why next.

    It WAS the screenplay! There were way too many lapses in dialog per Nicolas sitting around drinking, not answering his son’s questions except for the “father knows best” lines, not talking to his sister, the list goes on. All of these moments could have added some really great drama and tension which would have had us squirming in our seats even more than we were! Father and son dialog could have added much more per what worked and did not work between them. But instead it came off like the father did not trust his son to talk about anything serious. Chandler Canterbury (who totally stole the show) had more adult lines than Nicholas! So give Nicolas credit per working with what he had.

    Then there was suspension of belief which worked on the big special effects, but blew it on the details. Sit in a chair, drink a half bottle of Bourbon, stare off into the distance, then figure out a number code? Heck I would have passed out long before looking at a page of numbers!

    So a very good movie could have been a great one if more time had been spent working out the character relationships.

    Finally I did note a lot of similarity to my emotional response per seeing a M Knight Shyamalan movie, especially referring to the movie “Signs”. This was another father who didn’t talk much trying to cope with extordinary events. That one could have used some more dialog as well!

    But for all the opinions out here, the bottom line will always be was it entertaining? The answer is a definite yes! It’s definately worth a look, and maybe a DVD sale. You can always zoom past the no dialog parts to get to the disasters!


  • WhatTheF!

    I think movies should have a new ratings called ‘E’.
    E for Evangelical. This movie should be part of the ‘Left Behind’ series!!!
    Be prepared for a ripoff ending. 100 % bible messages. Its all about rapture and the Four horsemen of the apocalypose(the four aliens in the movie) blah balh coming to save the world.
    Perfect timing for easter. Especialy the end scene with two kids(boy and girl ..chosen ones) running towards the Tree of Good and evil holding little bunnies in their arms..starting new life..etc..get the idea folks??
    I really thought a Serpent would slither down the tree at some point. I actually laughed at the end of the movie.
    If you beleive in stories written by smoking potheads 1000s of years ago and follow it like sheep with a 2 digit IQ then this is a movie for you. :-)
    Perfect Trojan movie with all biblical messages masked as a sc-fi thriller meant to pull you in with decepetive trailers and in the end go WTF!!!
    From a pure techincal point of view..good special effects and CGI. Other than that..wait for the DVD.

  • Christine

    First of all the movie was very much a contemporary way to illustrate that non believers should keep an open mind. If you paid any attention at all to the film, you would have seen that as the aliens flew back to their “spaceship”, they had wings.There were MANY scenes that held symbolism. The filmmakers clearly are trying to use the sci fi method of filmmaking to open peoples eyes. it was a fantastic film, CGI was phenomenal, and Nic Cage was actually OK in my opinion. If this had been a purely religious movie where they actually discussed and even showed Bilblical imagery then the film probably would have gone to DVD, not had Nic Cage in it, and/or wouldnot have been well received at all. The truth it, you dont have to be a believer to enjoy the film. It should open your eyes to the fact that everything we have in life is impermanent and just like in the final scenes when the flames engulf everything, we can all be gone within moments. Expand your mind and imagination and think of the possibilities. The film was great in doing that and all fo you who have nothing but negative reviews should really re evaluate the message of the film. To all of those of you who have crtiqued it before even seeing it, stop posting because your opinions are void when you have nothing to base them on, other than some meager past performances by a cast member.

  • steve cane

    This is without question, one of the worst films of all time. There is not one positive thing to say about it. yes the effects of destruction are vivid.

    What producer could possibly say, “I must make sure this film is made”

    There are so many absurd moments. The acting is terrible, the numbers have nothing to do with the aliens, the mother is killed in a car crash.


  • Mick

    This flick is really only worth seeing for 2 scenes.
    1) The plane crash scene
    2) The train crash scene
    Without these, Knowing would almost be a complete waste of time save for some suspense and interesting concept.

  • Floyd

    I thought all the actors were very good and the film was excelent in almost every way However, I think the ending seemed a little flaky the concept is ok but the delivery was a little unimpressive and unrealisic compared to the rest of the film.

    In my “opinion” I would hope that on the next time around the methods of “starting over” would be a little less “history repeating itself” in the biblical sense of course.

    Good film but un satisfying ending. See it but bring your own snacks and dont forget your TARDIS.

  • Jake

    At first I was like, “not another disaster/end of the world” movie. I mean, i’m a Christian and read the book of Revelation. Don’t over think it, because it will mess with your head. Let me explain it in a nut shell without being too preachy:

    Born again people get beamed up. Everyone who has ever rejected God/Bible/Christianity is going to get jacked by some heavy catastrophic events. But, in this time, a world leader will take over and kill those who refuse his leadership. Angels will be around waiting for anyone to tell God, “I’m sorry for being an arrogant fool.” And it pretty much gets better from then on when God takes over Earth.

    End Of The World films don’t really explore this because we humans have to disagree over everything. And, movies about God don’t seem marketable. Gee, I wonder why.

    Don’t hate me because i’m beautiful! ;P

  • Jake

    By the way, my fav Nick Cage film will always be “Raising Arizona” Eat that you warthogs from hell.

    Since then, Cage has cranked out several movie duds. An actor is only as good as the director. I think Nick Cages foray into bad movie acting came about for me after watching him in “Face/Off”. Was John Woo movies ever that cool??? Broken Arrow? Hmmm. We’re we that naive?

    I did get a decent jolt when you got to near end of Next, only to discovery he was seeing the future, while in the future seeing his future actions before he did them. Okay, take a minute to regroup. I’m getting a migraine.

    Wait, Family Man with Nick was okay? Right? Any takers? Don’t hate.

  • All I Can say…keep it up Nick…I really love all your movies…

  • Mark

    Wow what a shocker! If i wanted to have scientology shoved down my throat i would have paid a few thousand to get to the next level. Tedius, Cage was crap (again) and why does it always have to end with aliens?

  • jon

    This is the worse film i have paid to see
    the idea of the secret people that whisper to the children and all i could do is hope that they did not change in to angels but hey angel it was and aliens

    why the film had to go in this direction is the real question and how did the get n/cage to agree to it

    the religious theme is what kills this film and a simply idea turned into a crazy one

    avoid this film at all cost, it will soon be on the under £5 dvd pile so cheaper to get that and the extras will be better than the film

  • Long View

    Easily, this is the most pointless, Dada-ist, existential downer since The Happening. Don’t see this movie if you have children and you love them. What was the message? Your guess is as good as mine… Was it “We are all programmed by aliens, resistance is futile,” or “There is a God, but he is mad as hell and is about to show you just how much,” or “There are no accidents: fear everything and feel totally helpless?”

    This was just a shaggy dog story with creepy music and Cage has all the emotional range you could ask for, from A to B. Nice try.

  • Frank

    Took my kids to see it yesterday. Any movie that ends with two bunny rabbits and two kids on a spaceship is just too much for me. I did feel the plane crash scene was worth the price of admission though. Also, the entire premise of the time capsule, the rocks, the whispers, the trailer, the accidents, didn’t add up for me. The ending could have happened in 1959 the day the time capsule was put in place and the movie didn’t even have to be made.

  • Ha,

    They are just preparing mentally us for the (recurring every so often in Earth history)disaster to come. Who will be saved? Well Ask yourself if the aliens were from Niburu or if they were angels?
    All one and the same thing to me. Bah.

  • J to the Z

    I gotta say this movie was the biggest waste of 2hrs of my life… it started off intriguing and logical and the mid & end left me thinking WTF… So my understanding is all adults are to stupid or unpure to be saved from armageddon but the kids which havent hit puberty yet or would have no knowledge of male and female doings are the ones that will start a new society (oh + two rabbits)…. that movie was a load of bullsh*t.

  • I only liked Cage in “Lord of War”.

  • Marco

    I just saw the movie and I liked it. Good thriller with great special effects. And I couldn’t guess the ending which I also like. But I wanted to note something to everyone reading these comments. IT IS A MOVIE!!!!!!!! It came from a script of ideas made up by people. You know, like Batman, Sex in the City, and Finding Nemo. Quit reading religion into it and making an argument for it as some kind of religious or anti-religious statement. If you are a Christian, good for you. Believe whatever you want. If you are an atheist, good for you. Believe whatever you want. I’m really tired of religious people comparing these types of movies to their faith or the Bible or whatever. Geez, how many religions have ever existed on the planet, and how many people SWEAR their religion is right and everyone else is delusional?? No one knows what the truth is. NO ONE!!! Faith is believe in something that can’t be absolutely proven. Ya know, LIKE EVERY RELIGION! If you are going to comment on the movie, start with an admission that you know it is a made-up story, and leave your belief system in a drawer. P.S. I believe in God, but I will never demand it is truth. I’m just too small and limited to know for sure. This is called humility.

  • Tomas

    Marco, movies are used for propaganda purposes as well. As long as most of us are actually able to think for our selves and create opinions, people will always read into things. Especially if it affects their inner being.

  • Ramy

    OK first of all awesome movieeeeeeeee. i recommend it very much. the whole idea of the movie is to make you think and to try and get the fact that god has planned everything and it makes you think whats after this life is there another life for some people and some people go to heaven? what happens after dooms day? alot of questions raised int his movie that makes one wonder what will happen.
    asid form all that AMAZINGGGGGGGGG directorrr the plane crash seen OMG never seen something soooo gooooood i was watching this movie with a friend of mine who is a director (not known) and she said it was probably the best art direction she has seen in yearssssssss its like Lord of the rings way ahead of its time.

  • Possum

    I want my money back Alex.

  • Michael

    I enjoyed the movie, whether or not the director wanted to make it purely religious didn’t matter to me. It made me question the general perception of “god”.

    To me they were merely aliens, and our whole notion of god and the bible is what had been told through stories about this very occurrence in the past from the initial inhabitants.

  • Godsent30

    i like the movie but from Christian point of view there few things that are distorted and a little bit disturbing. about those two chosen the boy and the girl.the new heaven and new earth, the tree of life.If only the writer maybe put the real those people who died and saved must be the one living in the new heaven and earth.some of those events in reality might happen, prophecy, war, famine etc, it’s biblical,just those two children disturbed me a lot. and those modern Noah’s ark who get those kids hmmmp does not impress’s kinda weird and makes the movie merely a fantasy…just a mere creation. the very essence or purpose of the movie was gone…but its nice when you think its does not convey a message.

  • Tim

    this movie left me speechless. this was a mix of horror, sci-fi, religious, action, and suspense. i got the chills when i saw the scene when the boy “kalem” saw what hell was outside his window. this movie will make you think about 2012 and the end. the whole alien thing was a little sketchy but i believe that if it does happen, adam and eve would make a new world. the scenes were intense, because of the plot and because of its loudness. the subway scene was crazy. there were so many people being brutally crumpled by a heavy subway train. it was graphic, and intense. the last scene, when the solar wave destroys earth was extremely intense. it gave me the chills, knowing that it felt so real. overall, i give this movie a 5 out of 5, A+. it gets into you, and makes you shake. its a must see.

  • Michael

    I was reminded of “Contact” when they release a good( and I stress, a GOOD)movie at the beginning of the year.As with “Contact” we have a fair amount of miscasting with great casting, but the end result is still a solid movie.

    I think that great movies play like a great song; the right notes at the right time, a great melody, and it knows when to end. “Knowing”, unfortunately, ends a bit sloppy as if they needed to tie up the loose ends. This really has nothing to do with film making but screenwriting. All great movies have a solid screenplay of which a movie can be plucked, much like an artichoke can be a great appetizer once the leaves have been marinated or stuffed the right way. I can’t think of any reason to eat one unless it’s correctly prepared, yet the end result is still an artichoke.

    Great movies play in your mind for days, weeks, even years. They can be seen, like a great story can be told, over and over, with a scene or a character interchanging over time becoming your personal favorite, and then, changing again. When your young Summer is the favorite season because of vacation or camp. As you age, Spring or Fall can be the time you look forward; Winter to me has become an acquired taste because my children love to go sledding. Movies can be like the seasons, as with you would prefer watching certain ones because of the changes in your life.”Paris,Texas” was a very defining moment in my life when I had lost someone close. Over the years I cheer more for Travis than when Hunter looks for his mother, if you can follow my train of thought.

    Great movies play on your mind. Explain “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” to someone who has never seen it and it sounds like comedy, which on multiple viewings you realize it is not a funny movie at all.”The Godfather”( I & II), to me, is a movie about how an immigrant family can survive in turn-of-the-century America more than just a gangster movie. The knowledge that it has can sustain over the generations because of the lessons it will tell you of loyalty and staying in business. When I feel stuck in a particular job, I have told myself, ” Michael, this is the business you have chosen” emulating the famous line by Hymen Roth.”Knowing” would need to elevate itself to Great status over time, for at this moment( I went to see it last night)I would say that it was a good movie with great moments in it. Any bad reviews of this movie should be ignored if you haven’t seen it yet. I do recommend “Knowing” and I give it 3 stars.

  • I’m no bible expert, but I have to correct some of the posters that I saw here. It’s not the rapture, it’s the second end of the world. The rapture is the one where all the shit hits the fan and it’s over. The second end of the world just means that we’re in for another cleaning, and then we can start things up again. Now, that’d be awesome if we could have a movie about the rapture and revelations…. perhaps not with Cage, though.

  • jeff

    omg this has to be the WORST movie i have ever paid to see, i have never really been to these kind of websites before but i was so shocked at the crap i have just watched that i had too check out some reviews, i’m shocked at those that say the film was AWESOME!!! one can only guess these are the same guys who dress up on a friday night with big ears, tight lycra tops and pretend they are from the planet klingon. i was really griped and was looking forward to getting the all the answers revealed in a sixth sense, kiss the girls, along came a spider and seven kind of way but NO! gotthe bobby ewing shower dream dallas kind of approach lets just bung in a spaceship and fancy lights and we as viewers should just accept it. WTF these guys are obviously the same script writer from the LOST series by coming up with gr8 ideas (and yes i was realy griped from the beggining) and giving such a crap ending.
    I actually turned to my girlfriend (who hates sci fi BTW) just before the realisation at the end, and whispered “oh no please dont be a spaceship” and true to form there it appeared from the sky. i am disgusted and even walked out at that point having to apolgise to my girl whom i knew would be like wtf luckiy she was amused because she knew if i knew the ending was like that and i took her to see it i wouldnt be in the good books, so luckily laffed about wot a howler we just made.
    Mr Cage if your out there and get off onreading your own reviews personally i think you a great actor so please dont have name associated with this kind of nonsicle, its about as conclusive as national treasure.
    having said that was some amazing fx cant disagree with that but come on astory should have a beginning a middle and an end

  • jeff

    ps if you havent seen the film and ive ruined the end for you then ive done you a big favour

  • Alastair

    I don’t usually write on these, but I feel I have to stand up for this film which is being treated like dirt.
    Basically, it’s up there with the best sci-fi movies ever made. And yes, I include “Contact” in that list. Ignore the reviews, if you like to leave a movie complex with more questions than can be answered, check this out. It is, in my opinion, brilliant.

  • The Biblical tie-ins were a bit of a stretch and downright hokey at times, but the destruction, especially the final scenes…oh man. I’d always revered Independence Day for having the most delicious inferno-engulfing-city scene but this one blows ID4 away, pardon the pun. It was kinda like the explosive sunrise featured in The Chronicles of Riddick, only this time the sun was giving New York City a beatdown. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film that showed the consumate destruction of the world before, and certainly none as vivid as this.

  • pico

    What I don’t get about this movie is this. Did ALL of the children who were taken away at the end go through the same crap Nick Cage and his kid did? I mean, were numbers left behind for other people who figured them out the same way Nick Cage did in order to find their coordinates to blast off to another planet? that made no sense to me whatsoever.

  • ratan

    Movie is a one time watch with a good start and few spectacular moments and a lousy ending. It’s a kind of see and forget movie which will be liked by people who like graphics. A good movie needs to show hope for betterment and this one does not and biased to a so called chosen ones group.

  • wtf?

    Read Brandon’s commnents. The central motivation for Cage is to figure out how to stop future disasters (which he spends most of the film doing), but we find that’s not possible. The solar flare is predictable but not avoidable. There’s absolutely no reason for Lucinda to have ever existed. The numbers don’t matter. The aliens will whisper, a few will hear them and will be taken to new Eden. Again, the first 3/4 of the film don’t matter. There’s just an incredibly frustrating, pointless MacGuffin. Sure all MacGuffins can decline in focus as a film develops, but in this case, it’s entirely undercut. There’s no reason for Lucinda to have ever heard anything because no the future doesn’t matter.

  • Unknowing

    Watch for the sequel: Unknowing. This film opens ten years later, when we zoom in on the Tree Of Life and find skeletons of two dead children, surrounded by a million rabbits who have eaten all the foliage and are close to extinction. Somebody has etched thousands of numbers into the bark of the tree of life.

    Two of the aliens/angels alight on the planet, look with despair on the site. As they whisper to each other, we see subtitles:

    “What were we thinking? We left young children on this planet with no food and no means of capturing or cooking anything? No wonder they’re all dead.”

    “What about the numbers scratched on the tree? What do they say?”

    The next hour of the movie shows the aliens attempting to make sense of the numbers. Finally, one of them works it out:

    “It’s an alphanumeric code: if we swap letters for the numbers, here’s what we get …”

    “WTF … no food, no McDs, no TV, no restrooms, no internet. Get me out of …”

    The aliens rise slowly into the sky, shaking their heads. We see over the shoulder of one of them, as they rise past the tree, to see a concrete arm holding the iconic torch of the Statue of Liberty, poking from the field — and that’s where the movie ends.

  • h4wk

    the movie wasn’t all bad.
    imho N. Cage is a good actor, he has had a few setbacks (the ones mentioned in the review f.e.) but which actor hasn’t?

    people disliking the movie concerning the plot are most likely the ones that believe in a ‘higher’ being (god, angels…) and quite frankly, i don’t believe in such, dare i say it, crap, but i do believe that we’re part of something bigger… i’m not a scientology-fan either so that’s not the problem…
    in fact i wouldn’t know how else to visualise the theme this movie covers… i really have no idea, one might think it’s aliens, others might think it’s angels, either way, that’s something for the viewer to decide (which is why, i guess, the creatures look like they could be either which one…)

    overall, good movie, visually stunning at times, and the reference made to M. Knight Shyamalan was rightful
    I don’t think the movie was meant to appeal to a specific audience (be it christians or scientologists) but it kinda swings both ways so all kinds of ‘believers’ might like it…

  • Scott-ayy

    I thought this movie was FANTASTIC!! I LOVED IT! I thought every aspect of it was just so realistic- i love theoretical movies that challenge your beliefs- it really makes you double take on the things that are normally simple but more complex. I thought That the movie was really creepy, but not scary enough that i had to look away (and i’m a baby when it comes to scary things) and it was just great acting and kept me on the edge of my seat. i didnt like the end though. everything was so realistic- and then like- FTW Aliens abductthe kids and he dies? what? and the planet thy go to-so fake it just ruined. everything but the last 20 minutes was 6 stars out of 5 though.

  • notriteous

    some of you so called christians are way, way too arrogant. all this “oh i’m going to heaven when god wants to take me and you all aren’t” attitude is fucking retarded. who would want to hang with people like you in this so called promised land? not i.

    oh and the bible. lol. just a big story, passed along generation after generation WRITTEN BY MEN. not god. propaganda that gets alot of people killed.

  • notriteous

    oh and Scott-ayy hit the nail on the head. Good flick up until they ran out of material and threw in spaceships, aliens, and some outlandish bullshit. clap clap for hollywood.

  • Ryan

    There are some seriously messed up people in the world. I love how as soon as the religious nuts kick in, everything has to mean something. It’s just a movie. If the writers want to pull every religion on earth apart and mix them together to form an underlying story line, they are quite welcome to do that. Its fiction. Anyone who looks for religious truth in creative works such as “Knowing” isnt a very clever person and should probably keep their comments to themselves. Its entertainment, you morons.

    Note to all Christians: Atheists aren’t out to destroy religion, we just dont give a crap what you believe in. As long as you dont push your beliefs or lifestyle choices on to us, you could worship a camel and a can of coke for all we care. Whatever your perceived cost of being an Atheist is, we’ll gladly pay it, if you’ll just leave us alone to live our lifes the way we choose to.

    As far as the movie is concerned, it wasn’t so bad until the quick, unexplained succession of the world catching on fire, the alien existance, the destruction of mankind then the adam and eve factor. It was like someone thought these things up at the last minute to pad out the script, yet they were major story elements all squeezed into the last third of the movie! Poor stuff here.

    Cages overacting did add some comic relief in parts, especially the weird and awkward exchanges between Cage and Byrne during their first sit down meeting.

    I’ll go ahead and mention the 1st class special effects; the plane and train scenes were something to behold in their ferocity.

    My major contention with this film – Lucinda, the numbers, even Nic cage – are all rendered completely pointless by an unstoppable solar flare which destroys everything and everyone. There is nothing Cage nor anyone else in the movie can do to change the outcome even with the prophecy at hand. It’s all pointless. What a shambles.

  • Neo

    Whats what in the movie:

    4 “angels” in the movie is not the 4 horsemen.The 4 horsemen are bad news…not angels.
    Rev. 7:1
    “And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree.”

    They were told to let go of the “wind” when its time.
    In this case…the Flare.

    The tree is the Tree of Life. Not the other trees.
    Thats the one promised AFTER you are raptured.
    The drawing Abe was coloring has the wheel in which Daniel saw in his vision together with the creature with 4 faces. If you look carefully at the inside of that spaceship….you see the exact same wheel.

    Those 2 kids have the rabbits….the rest of the other animals are in the other ships.

    Not exactly the bible…but it will do to sow some seed.

    BTW. Christianity is not a religion. It is actually Anti-religion.

    Religion = Mans own effort to get right with God.
    Christianity = God will save you cause there is absolutely nothing you can do to save yourself.
    Just repent and believe He can.

    Its a good film. I enjoyed it.

  • apelikeJesus

    Well I did like, I didn’t like. That is basically my thought process throughout the entire film. I liked that scene, but now, what the hell am I watching, etc etc. Ofcourse religious people would think this is religious. Do I mind pointing out to that ALIENS came to earth and harvested selected young, and then proceeded to let the rest of us die. Sound pretty biblical to me. *rolls eyes* I believe the director was trying too hard to “cater” to both sides, and thus came up with an ending that saunters along the path between both camps. “Adam and eve is true…yada yada yada, but only because our Alien brethren, who look like biblical aliens, came in their ‘fortress of solitude’ looking ships to take one boy and one girl to a new planet with a big ass tree”. And Preacherdude or whatever your name is with the creator comment – you are actually convinced that was religious? You’re ok with the fact that our “creator” is a resourceful group of extraterrestrials? Wake up buddy. That is the furthest thing from the bible.

  • Snake

    this was a fucken one of the best movie i have seen the ending is also the worst ending ive ever seen. also cage is an amazing actor so fuck you.

  • Critic

    i think the movie was good up untill the ending which suked serious ass…

  • Christopher Dumas

    Have you all watched the same movie i did????
    This has got to be one of the worst films ever made. I rarely add my opinions to websites but couldnt resist this opportunity.
    I actually laughed throughout most of the flick which ruined it for my wife. I couldnt help it. Nick Cage must have needed the money. I think he was confused {or just didnt care} as evidenced by the constant detached look on his face. The acting was horrible. Script, atrocious. Both characters were terrible parents. Constantly leaving their kids to fend for themselves. Scenes ended abruptly as if the director yelled “cut” and moved on to the next segment.
    Forget the religious overtones or anything else you may read into this catastrophe. Bad is bad no matter how hard you try to justify losing two hours of your life.
    Dont kid yourselves kids. Its ok to say this dvd sucks!

  • Iris

    Ok. Stop with the religious bickering. It was a movie, a stupid one, but a movie none the less. I am someone who keeps an open mind about movies, and I don’t judge it until it is over. There have been many movies that I thought would be stupid and they turned out to be great, and vice versa. This one however was a total WTF movie. When it comes to pure jump factor, it is a 9 out of 10. When it comes to a logical conclusion, it’s down there at 2 out of 10. The visual aspects were amazing. The plane crash, the subway, and even the solar flare at the end. But taking children to another planet to start a new race was just plain stupid. And did they take off more than just those two? We only saw the two kids running towards the tree. The movie lost me when they showed the kids petting the bunnies. And what is this I hear about angel wings? What angel wings. All the aliens did was go transparent. And Nicolas Cage has had some downfalls in movies, but I thought he was great in this one.

    This movie reminds me of Final Destination 2. In the end *SPOILER ALERT* the only two people to survive were the cop and the main girl that was seeing the premonitions. He turns to her and tells her that she saved them and that they made it. Well, there’s about 5 other people that didn’t make it. What the hell are you guys so happy about. *END SPOILER ALERT*. That’s how this movie felt, great graphics, horrible ending.

    In conclusion I will say this. Lighten up with the whole religious thing. It was just a movie.

  • Mike

    i was hooked in the beggining but throughtout the movie i had many questions that went unanswered. the ending was somewhat depressing becuase diane and john die and the kids only chance of having humanity to survive is to imbread. and its funny in a way becuase the scene with the door in the school he dishinges it so quick and knows where to scratch. haha i give it 3/5 honestly watching the ending made me feel like i just watched a beheading on rotten or

  • Arc

    I’m in Christopher Dumas’s boat (From two posts back). Horrible movie so riddled with cliches and predictability that I couldn’t help but burst out laughing at the hilarity of it. The science was horrifyingly disgusting and the acting was terrible and predictable, save for Nicholas Cage, who can give a good believable cry if he needs to.

    The ending, I think, bordered parody. I guess Jesus was a space alien all along? All in all, see it with a friend and riff on it, it’s good fun, but don’t watch it for the seriousness. Or if you’re a man of science, then you’ll just cry yourself to sleep at the murder or astrophysics.

  • Love this film,a mixture of sixth sense, close enounters and armageddon. Really well thought out, spooky and left me feeling quite unnerved. The only unbeleivable thing was Nicholas cage drinking pints of whisky every day and then suddenly stopping cold turkey with no after affects!

  • rock.harbor

    Well. I’ll respond to the review. I did not see Nicholas Cage, I saw the character he portrayed. I don’t watch most movies, since they are almost all tripe now. This one was a pretty good ‘what if this is how it is out there’ movies, with not to much obsession on the biblical references. Unlike ‘DaVinci’, which was like watching a bad cartoon cast with real people. I found Knowing to be entirely plausible, except for the ‘prophecy’ aspects. The future does not exist yet, and though a super-flare could be predicted with a high probability, single events cannot be. I liked this movie much more than Contact, which was filled with so many cliche’s and neo-political JuJubes that it was ruined for me. The technical plausibility of the story line was also digestible, which is rare.

  • FRA1Z3R

    This is a giant piece of shit disappointment, one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It is a good idea with a very poor presentation. So many things could have been different, like the fact that the story is so redundant it is rediculous, and you are left with an ending that makes the rest of the film no more than a filler to make it an hour and a half long. Dont buy or rent this, do like I did, borrow from a friend or neighbor then smack em in the face for wasting their money buying or renting it.