Weird Web Wednesdays: Better Late Than Never

Woman Calls 911 Due to Lack of McNuggets
George Clooney…NICE
Snuggie Parody
Oren Lavie Music Video
Old Man Pole Dancing
COPS for Kids
Arnold and Jackie Want to Terminate Piracy
Turtle Loves Shoe
Stan Bush Military Tribute
Girl Robot
Cross Eyed Pilot – I guess those who can’t really do teach
Before and After in the 80s…Is the 6th lady Natalie from Facts of Life?
Are 4 Stings better than 1?
Mr T gives up gold chains for golf shirts
Lonely Island Ft. T-Pain “I’m on a Boat”
Exercise and Poodles A thing of my nightmares
Forrest Gump in One Minute
Kenny Powers Demo Reel

  • First ever post by the wife? Nice.

  • Is the 6th lady Natalie from Facts of Life?

    YES, totally!

  • PS – Your Google ads are actually covering the video in the post.

  • Alicia

    Second post.

    I didn’t embed a video because I was having a problem with it but Sean added one and it’s obviously not working still.

  • That poodle video is nightmare scary. Wow.