This Froggy Project

Hollywood is notorious for tinkering with a project to the point that it barely resembles the original concept. Horror stories of test focus groups, endless unnecessary revisions and glorified accountants having a say in creative development abound. Writer Denis McGrath has taken this twisted mentality and applied it to Chuck Jones’ classic One Froggy Evening, with hilarious results.

-re: the frog. Have you done research on Frog’s lifespans? Does it track that this frog could survive from 1892 to 2056? Is his long lifespan tied into his ability to sing?

-Is the frog singing the right songs? Could we have him sing something that speaks to our demo better?

And make sure you read the comments, where other people join in with equally funny notes and corrections. But beware, if you work in the entertainment industry your laughter will be mixed with tears.

To refresh your memory, and because sometimes we all deserve a break from this cold, cruel world, the cartoon in question.