Post-Apocalyptic Young Adult Novel The Hunger Games Comes to the Big Screen

Just a couple of days ago I was reading something on the web about post-apocalyptic books, and somewhere in there was mention of Suzanne Collins’s young adult novel The Hunger Games. Now this morning we have news of a big screen adaptation of the book in development over at Lionsgate. Nina Jacobson (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) will produce, with Collins adapting her own book for the screenplay. Apparently the book has received rave reviews from Stephenie Meyer (Twilight), which explains the sudden interest. It does sound like a cool concept though.

The Hunger Games is the first in a trilogy about a near future world where a dictatorship called the Capitol has taken over the world in the wake of a series of disasters. They organize an annual televised event where a boy and girl from each of the twelve districts are forced to participate in a game of survival, killing each other until only one remains. Basically it sounds like Battle Royale, The Long Walk and The Condemned, but for a slightly younger audience. I guess that means it may not be as violent, but either way I’m willing to give it a shot. I just hope this doesn’t turn out to be another disappointment like City of Ember. No word on when they are aiming to have the first movie out, but the second book, Catching Fire, will hit stores on September 1st. Has anyone out there read the first book?

  • What is the reasoning in the book for sending these kids out to kill each other? This sounds ridiculous. If they were going to do this at all, wouldn’t it be adults they send? Why kids!?!

    This perplexes me so much, I doubt I’ll have anything to do with the books or movie. Give me a justification that’s plausible. The backbone to speculative fiction is a premise based on plausibility.

  • Deven – The whole concept of the Hunger Games (the event in the self-titled novel) is that it’s a way to demonstrate the power the Capitol has over all districts that are part of Panem. The way to they choose to impose that power is by sending the kids – how much more threatened can you make someone feel than if you take their youth?

    It’s dystopia. Worst possible scenario. Some (of the rare) criticism I’ve read of this novel is from people who can’t imagine things ever getting this bad. That good will prevail. Etc.

    (To which I say – there are two more books, yes? We shall see.)

    For what it’s worth, it’s a great thriller. Super fast read and I totally get why everyone is talking about it.

    Though I have to say it was getting amazing buzz prior to publication and even prior to Stephenie Meyer’s blurb. It was reviewed by Steven King on EW and everything. So I don’t think it was solely Ms Meyer’s doing but rather the marketing plan that covered all the bases and let word-of-mouth take it from there.

  • Vanessa

    I love this book. I think it will make a great movie, especially with the author working on the adaptation.

  • Katniss

    I HAVE read this book and the whole concept isn’t just about sending kids out to kill eaach other.PLEASE people give me a break. it’s about survival and i like it cause I could see how our world could turn out like this.
    I personally thought this book was AMAZING from begining to end. It’s also about Love and a girls decision of what to choose and how to survive. to me its a look inside the soul n a way and what would you do in their situation?
    So for those of you who are knocking it BEFORE you read it i suggest you pick up a copy of the book,READ it,THEN give your opinion. There is more to it then Kids being sent out against there will to kill eachother. It’s not like it focuses all the time in the book to details of that and is gory. Get OVER’s not like that at all. It’s about learning to cope with one self in that situation and what to do.
    LOVED this book Can’t WAIT to see what they do to it in the movie!

  • Katniss

    Oh and if you want to find out why they send kids out to kill eachother and not Adults…BUY the book and find out.

  • Enamorada

    I Think people need to pick up the bok and give it a chance. You WON”T be sorry.I have to say This was one of the Best books i have read in a long time,Dying to know what would happen next and I read alot. I CAN’T WAIT till the next one comes out and to see how the movie will turn out too!
    For those of you who are freaking with the fact that the book has kids that kill eachother…first they don’t have a choice and also there is violence in thes world. Deal with it. The thing is that this story is aso about Love too and many more please don’t judge it before reading it.

  • Luna

    Bravo Steph…i agree.

  • Have the book. Read it back in September. Been a big fan of Suzanne Collins for a while.

    Very glad (but also sad) that the Hunger Games is going to become a movie. Glad because Suzanne Collins deserves the fame. Sad because it’s going to blow up and the fansites won’t be a small community anymore.

  • Alley

    They are making it into a movie! soooooooo excited, I wonder who is cast? If I could cast the film these would my choices:
    If I were casting this movie I would cast: Megan fox as Foxface
    Welch as peeta

    maybe ben barnes as gale

    and bianca Malino or Nicole Vaccaro as Katnis

  • Khary

    wow the people you chose Alley really do suit the characters! nice one

  • i honestly hope it’s mostly talented unknowns, or with little knows. with suzanne adapting the screen play, i thinks fans have little to worry about.

    head of


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  • I think it’s absurd to make it into a movie. I honestly think it’s too complicated to shove in an 80 minute time slot. In all honesty, I think they need to leave this piece of literature alone and have them finish gawking at Twilight and move onto something just as ridiculous.

  • 666

    I think the book is awesome!

    I’ve read it at i just loved it!
    I had hard to belive that i read it to the end,
    the book whos like to good to just stop…

    … I belive that making “The Hunger Games” into a Movie can be an suksess. I’ve whated a while looked on the internett after some hint to when the movie whil be made and about how long it’s belived to take…

    But whel I’ve been lokking and I need some help…
    …Is ther a 2nd book? of the hunger games?
    kuz that ending just whosent good for me… I wanted to read more.(But when i saw the blank page i ALMOST began to Cry)…

  • Alley

    Hey guys, there is a site where you can post or vote for casts of book based movies and there is a page where you can make a hunger games cast, the site is called story casting. wooot!

  • Sarah

    I just finished reading an advanced copy of Catching Fire, and it is better the the first book.

  • rachel

    they send kids to show to not only children and teenagers but also to adults, that the capital (government) has absolute power….its only a game to them

  • To the idiot that posted the first note

    You are an idiot these books are the best books ever written.
    If u read the books u would no y those 24 teens have to go into the arena and kill each other

  • PeetaLover 101 :D

    These books are amazing! I can’t wait until the movie comes out (I wonder if you have to be a profesional actor to audition)! LOL I fell in love with characters! This is the type of book that I wasn’t able to put down I even stayed up all night just to finish it! It was full of emotion and detail I cried and laughed. I hope there is a movie I will watch it over and over!

  • kylie

    please i want to be Katniss Everdeen and she is my idol ever since i read the first sentence of the hunger games i was jealous of her and it would mean the biggest thing for me to play her in the movie please someone get me there to fufill my dream please i want her life and all of you would get in for free in the movie once it first comes out if you get some one for me to audition for her part please i will love it if you did this one thing for me!!!! please!!!!

  • gunneos

    “The way to they choose to impose that power is by sending the kids – how much more threatened can you make someone feel than if you take their youth?”

    No. It’s how much more threatened can you make someone feel if you take away their kids. Hunger Games preys on the fear of most people – how it really sucks to watch someone you love suffer without the power to help them, than to suffer yourself.

    And kylie, begging won’t start you a career. It actually makes you look desperate and is the opposite of professional.

  • Sarah

    Good god I love that book.

    I agree. It better not be a disapointment like the city of ember. I could quite possibly go into an angry rage.

    The book is so unique and thrilling, not to mention it’s been my favourite book for sometime now.

    I’m not a twilight fan what so ever.
    And knowning that Stephanie Meyer spread this to her Twilight obsessers is going to kill a lot of the joy I feel for the book because it will just become another twilight raving FAD.

    Beside that point, I will always be a Suzanne Collins fan. Her writing is so amazing, and it’s rare to have the author produce the screenplay. So Ièm excited to see what comes of this.

    The only downside is that I hope casting works out well. Having someone like Kristan Stweret play Katniss would kill the movie alone.

    It will only be swarmed by twilighters.

    I want fresh faces for this movie. Not the same old same old.

  • Hunger Games Lover

    I’m replying to Deven Science. THAT IS THE POINT OF THE BOOK! The Capitol (obviously the people in charge) is CRUEL, and it’s people cannot do anything about it! They take the adult’s KIDS to kill each other for ENTERTAINMENT. It’s all filmed and brodcasted on LIVE TELEVISION and is MANDATORY for the people of Panem (the fictional place this takes place in) to watch. This book brings to light how cruel the world actually can be.I personally LOVE this book, it’s my favorite book I’ve EVER read (and that’s saying something). I would recomend this book.

  • Dee

    Why send children? The author said she got the idea from the ancient sacrifices in Crete. The idea is “There are worse things we can do than kill You: challenge us and we’ll kill your children.”

  • ~Sydney

    To answer Deven Science’s question:

    the capitol, or the people in charge, send the children because they want to make a point. Basically, ‘look how we take your children and sacrifice them, and there’s nothing you can do about it.’

    They are doing it because there was a revolt against them, and this is their way of punishing the districts. Give the book a chance, that’s not all what the book is about. ;D

  • ~India

    The Hunger Games is a book for all audiences, except for maybe very young children. It is an epic thriller, and Cathching Fire is just as good. =)
    Basically it’s a love story, but not your typical one, and there is much much more action than romance. Also, the series was popular before the whole Stephanie Meyers thing. Stephen King & John Green & Rick Riordan all gave it raving views as well. According to Stephen King, Suzanne Collins, unlike other popular authors, can actually write.

  • inlovewithPeetaMellark

    okay, these were honestly the best books i have ever read! People won’t read it cuz they think it will be to gory or whatever but they ae really good and actually not that gory! like when she describes a kill she does it bluntly bnot to make you picture the image and be terrified.and they have a better love triangle than stupid twilight! I really didn’t like twilight but i LOVED THG!!!!!!!! everybody should read it!! they are so good!!!!

  • Bensonellie

    Hands down, the best young actress to play Katniss (the others mentioned here are too old to play 14)is AnnaSophia Robb.
    Bridge to Tarabithia and Race to Witch Mountain show that she is quite able to portray the strength of character necessary.

  • Taylor Cook

    The hunger games and Catching Fire r now my FAVORITE books of all time i realy really really want to know whos playing who in the movies there is a 70% chance that peeta mellark will be played by jackson rathbone YUCK no way for one hes soposse to be gorgeous! and blonde headed! and a good actor not one that just stares at thinks please dont be him!!!

  • Hunger Games aren’t merely just your everyday Young Adult fiction – it’s, as is aptly put in the comments following the first one, about survival.
    Collins had said she derived the idea from Minotaur’s legend, like how people were thrust in the maze and had to survive.
    She’s envisioned a future which – we would like to believe – isn’t going to actually happen. However, the concept is fresh and involves an actual plot instead of just a bunch of vampires running amok [I am a Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Vampire Chronicles fan but even I’ve had enough :|]

  • Cooper

    Have read. I think the book is also to show how war and crazy stuff affect youth and teens, because everyone focus’s on how stuff like that affects adults. P.S. Devin Science you are retarded.

  • Carla

    This book is incredible! The movie better be amazing too :)

  • icetruckkiller

    Peeta: Sterling Knight
    Prim: Elle Fanning
    Mrs.Everdeen: COURTNEY YATES

  • Catherine

    I can’t say I particularly enjoyed the Hunger Games. I read the first one and it was okay but hen I couldn’t wait for the second one to be over with. Catching Fire seemed to be more about the love triangle between Petta, Katniss and Gale than anything else, despite the fact that Katniss was sent back to the Games. Also, it’s the fact that Katniss never seems to have a solid opinion about something. She wants to be with Peeta, then with Gale but then she always seems to jump back to not having any children or getting married.
    Also, I didn’t find that the starvation in District Twelve was well presented. Gale and Katniss would go hunt, catch animals and find vegetables, then get back to the district and exchange most of their vegetables for spices. This doesn’t seem to be the normal behavior of people who claim to be starving, they wouldn’t take the spices, they’d keep the food.
    Throughout the Games, in both the second and first book, I couldn’t really feel the emotion that should have been put into it. I understand the need for survival and the compitition but I couldn’t place myself in these people’s shoes, or manage to feel too concerned when one died. Everything seemed to be about Katniss surviving and the others were like extras that didn’t matter.
    I’m really sorry to be the first to negatively review The Hunger Games and I’m also sorry if anyone thinks this is harsh. It’s my opinion. The books weren’t bad, but neither were they overly good.

  • j

    some of this book doesnt make sense to me. if the dictatorship is going to go that far, as to send 12 year olds to kill eachother, then i feel like ppl would protest like crazy and overthrow the dictatorship. maybe if they shoot at ppl who start protesting in the street, it would scare ppl into not rallying against the capitol. but it feels like collins just wanted to write about a girl surviving in these games but couldnt think up a better reason for the games existing. its like a bunch of loose ends. i dont get it at all and it was really hard for me to keep reading because it was so frustrating to me, trying to figure out why the games exist. it also seems like she borrowed a bunch of stuff from other books. like battle royale as it said in the blog. the way the 16 year old girl yells at her mother seems really unrealistic, even if the mom is depressed. what mother wouldn’t speak up after their teen is screaming at them? theres a bunch of other stuff in this book that just make me go “what?!” and its really distracting and takes away from enjoying the book. i think i had really high hopes for this book given how ppl were praising it and comparing it to the giver, which i think is innacurate. im not a writer but i read a lot and collins’ writing style seems like she needs more practice. where as lowry’s style reads more like someone whos been writng for a long time. maybe its the plot thats causing everyone to rave about this book. or maybe because of meyers recomendation. this book is just very confusing, its not the best writing so i dont get all the fuss over it. just my opinion.

  • j

    never mind, SERIOUSLY