‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin And Charisma Carpenter Join The Expendables

I’ll admit, when I first took a quick glance at this news I was convinced that Brian Bosworth was making a comeback. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin and Charisma Carpenter are the latest additions to Sylvester Stallone’s throwback to the Golden Age of action movies, which already boasts a roster including Jason Statham, Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Randy Couture, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts, and Arnold fuckin’ Schwarzenegger.

The Expendables has generated a great deal of excitement among my peers since the movie was first announced, but with this latest casting news I’m finally starting to feel some doubt creeping in. It’s not specifically Austin and Carpenter that bother me, but rather Stallone’s insistence on cramming in as many action stars as possible, no matter how dubious. The stacked casting was exciting to begin with, but it feels as if The Expendables has reached its saturation point and is fast approaching the level of a superhero sequel, adding so many people that no one character will have a chance to shine. With so much fodder available, does being an Expendable even mean anything anymore?

  • Funny you should mention it, Bosworth just made a comeback actually. He got busted for DUI while riding his Harley last week.

  • Precisely why Bosworth is truly stone cold.

  • Chopper

    i am really looking forward to this flick. the only guys that i cant see on the list is Steven Segal and Chuck Norris. i know that Van Damme was dumb enough to turn a role down.

  • Dolph Lundgren, not Lungdren.

    And I think you are missing the point here Wintle, it’s not like most of these people will have large roles, it will mostly be as smaller or larger cameos for those who isn’t part of the actual Expendable-crew. It’s Stallone giving a shout-out to his homeboys.

  • Chopper: Steven Segal and Chuck Norris won’t join the movie at any point.

    Norris back in the day was kind of a Stallone-clone and Segal has always been Van Dammes rival, with Stallone/Lundgren on the side of Van Damme, so I doubt it that they will go and offer him a role, even though Van Damme didn’t want to join the cast. Also He’s old, fat and can hardly lift his legs above his crotch.

  • 1138

    Of course being an expendable means something…it means more people are going to die! And if it’s a star dying that’s even better. Really looking forward to this movie!

  • Thanks for the catch, Kaspar. I’m usually more careful with the spelling in Lundgren’s name. I guess I was overexcited.

    I’m still hopeful that Stallone can pull off an ensemble this large, but even if what you say is true and that these are mostly going to be glorified cameos, that makes it even worse. I can understand one or two walk-ons (Schwarzenegger, obviously), but I think it will be a bit of a tease if they’re promoting all these actors and some of them only get two lines of dialogue before they cut out. It’ll be like The Muppet Movie version of an 80s action movie.

  • swarez

    Why the hell isn’t Kurt Russel in this?

  • daburf

    Good question swarez! You must include Tango AND Cash!

  • Wintle: Well, people like Rourke was announced to have like 2 or 3 days of shooting, wasn’t it? That probably gives him a few minutes of screen-time and then that’s it. Personally that is fine for me. Having awesome actors in the smaller roles is not a problem for me at all. Having one or two in even smaller roles, like Arnold, is just icing on the top.

    And people like ‘Stone Cold’ works better in smaller dozes, like as a henchman. It would most likely worsen the movie if he got too many lines!

    swarez: Kurt Russel would be fantastic, but sadly I doubt it, even though he doesn’t do all that much these days.