Sam Raimi’s Drag Me To Hell Trailer

Here you go horror fans… this is what you’ve been waiting for so many years to see. Sam Raimi is back in the director’s chair and is ready to bring us back to his roots. The first trailer for Drag Me To Hell has finally arrived! Things have changed quite a bit since Sam Raimi gave us his Evil Dead trilogy, and although this lacks the low budget urgency of those films, the cinematography looks gorgeous (DP Peter Deming previously worked with Raimi on Evil Dead 2, but has since done such films as The Jacket, I Heart Huckabees and Mulholland Dr.).

The trailer proclaims this to be “The Return of True Horror”, but if you ask me, it seems like Drag Me To Hell might be Raimi’s way of merging both Asian and North American horror sensibilities. It’s interesting that his production company Ghost House Pictures was the one responsible for the remakes of The Grudge films, and this movie involves a decidedly Grudge-like curse. At the same time, the trailer hints at some good old-fashioned blood and gore as well. Drag Me To Hell will premiere at SXSW later this month, but hits theatres everywhere on May 29th. What do you think?

  • I barley see any asian horror in this at all other than the curse, I think this is a return to form for Rami. Just look at that picture, total Evil Dead.

  • Very much looking forward to this film. With this and the US release of Pontypool at the end of May, that month should be very good for horror fans.

  • rus in chicago

    that’s tight, I love the mortgage tie in, very timely and will draw more peeps

  • heapshake

    This looks tremendous although I didn’t get an Asian horror vibe from it either. Its also great to see that Justin Long is getting work again.

  • swarez

    I’ll echo what I said over at Twitch. This doesn’t look any different than every other teen oriented J horror wannabe out there. If Raimi wasn’t involved I don’t think I would be interested and I’m pretty sure none of you would be either.
    Here’s hoping that it will be good.

  • Nuno

    I thought this was getting a dreaded PG-13 rating so I wouldn’t count on any blood or gore.

  • Bob The Slob

    I agree with swarez…if you didnt tell me it was raimi I wouldnt have known…looks like its from the guys who brought us PROM NIGHT and THE GRUDGE 6: EVEN GRUDIER

  • I can also agree with swarez & Bob the Slob–this doesn’t look good. I’ve been looking forward to a trailer for some time and this is a let down…really sick of the ghost horror…especially if it looks this lame.

    Raimi’s name alone is the only thing stopping me from writing it off. There better be gore.

  • The trailer supposedly does not do the film justice. There were scenes shown at comic-con last year that paint the film as being way more over the top than the slow paced trailer would have you believe. CHUD had a write up on it:

  • Bob The Slob

    it’s too clean and “new” looking…if that makes sense.

  • paul

    i’ve just persuaded my colleague to show this at our cinema. Seeing the trailer i’m now having doubts. It looks tame and lacking in any trademark animated comic gore.

  • gabriel

    Hi i saw the preview and it got me in my seat, although the idea itself it’s not original. I have a story that will be made into a movie and hopefully i would directted as well so that you guys could see what a horror movie is all about. Here i come Raimi, here I come Craven, and here I come Spielber.

  • MonkeyNertz

    If it appears to not be Raimi style to you I would have to agree you just aren’t a big enough Raimi fan. Shots, lighting styles and content are clearly back to Raimi flavor. I do hope for gore!

  • sleazy

    Looking for fwd to it !